Tuition Waiver Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship for  International Students:

Tuition waiver scholarship opportunity for academic year 2013-2014

Tuition waiver scholarships cover 25%,50% and 100% of the tuition. You can apply for the tuition waiver scholarship by using the online application system. The applications will be evaluated by the international student admission committee.

Condition: Students whose CGPA falls below 2.00 will lose the right for tuition fee waiver scholarship. The scholarship right will be regained once CGPA of 2.00 is maintained.

For detailed information about tuition waiver scholarship opportunities please click here and choose your country.


Academic Success Merit Scholarship:

The students with an extraordinary academic success are eligible for this scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is directly related with student's level of success and is paid in cash in October, November, December, and January during the fall semester and in February, March, April, and May during the spring semester. Eligibility is not possible before two successive terms are completed by the student.

Students (i) who have received disciplinary punishment, (ii) who have taken fewer courses than their required number of courses in the last two terms or who have a grade of FD, FF, NA or W, (iii) whose GPA is below 3.00 during the last two terms are not eligible for this scholarship.


Student assistantship:

There are also scholarship opportunities offered to students in return for working in the library, laboratories, IT, sports complex, dormitories etc. In order to be eligible for this type of scholarship, not only academic success but also the student's financial conditions and disciplinary suitability are taken into consideration.

Support Scholarship:

On the condition that they are successful in their studies, students in need of temporary financial support, may apply to this scholarship (with evidence of their situation) which provides them with books, necessities etc. This support is subject to decision of the Scholarship and Support Fund of METU NCC.

Important note: None of these temporary support opportunities cover Tuition Fee, Dormitory Fee or other similar major expenses.

Scholarship opportunities by TRNC Government: 

There may also be opportunities to receive to TRNC government scholarship for foreign students, once you join the METU NCC. For detail information please get in touch with International Student Office (

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