International Summer Seminar 2014, Germany

Deadline:  15 May 2014
Open to: participants from all over the world
Venue: 20-26 July 2014, Gummersbach, Germany


Interested in exploring the ideas of Liberty? Spending a week of great experiences, intercultural exchanges, discussing and thinking about freedom, learning from top professors and making new friends from all over the world ? IES Europe offers you an opportunity to learn about classical liberal ideas and explore them with insights from our faculty into the study of history, economics and philosphy! Join us and deepen your understanding of ideas that allow humans to flourish and prosper. The seminars offer interdisciplinary introduction to the tradition of classical liberal thought scholarship. Subjects covered include economics, history, moral, political philosophy and law. The main aim is to approach these fields from a liberal point of view. The seminars are a unique opportunity to boost your understanding of theclassical liberal principles of individual rightsprivate property, and free markets and their applications to today's issues.


Thousands of students have already been involved with the Institute's programs. The participants are junior, senior, or graduate students and recent graduates but they are also young scholars or entrepreneurs. They usually describe it as a week which had a tremendous impact in their intellectual life and which has proved helpful for careers in academia, law, journalism, and other idea-oriented fields. It is also a great experience from a personal point of view, since for a week, students and faculty members, coming from everywhere in the world, get to live together, to speak and to debate. They get to learn from each other and are in contact with different cultures, education and ways of life.


Through the generosity of our partners, IES-Europe is able to offer the seminars for free. Lectures, housing, meals are provided by IES-Europe. Participants only pay for their own travel.


After checking the list of planned seminars on the "Upcoming Seminars" section, refer to this page to prepare your Summer Seminars application. Note that the participation is free. IES and its partners provide housing and meals during the seminar. (Travel expenses are not covered.)

In order to apply, register HERE.

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