Call for Applications - MiReKoc International Summer School 2017 in Turkey

In September 2015, the photograph of toddler Alan Kurdi’s body on the shores of western Turkey caused international outrage on the world’s responsibility regarding refugees, and particularly regarding children, who are left in the most vulnerable situation. Immigrant children are also faced with challenges in the post-migratory context as in the case of their relative underperformance in education, reported by OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). In fact, international migration affects children in many different ways. Some children are affected due to their own migration experiences, as they move along borders together with their migrating parents; migrate alone independently of parents and adult guardians as unaccompanied minors; or return back to their countries of origin or are repatriated. Other children are influenced by the results of migration processes of others: they are left behind by migrating parents or live in communities that send and receive large numbers of migrants. This year MiReKoc Summer School will explore the theme of migration and children. The curriculum will place the causes and impacts of migration on children in the broader context of poverty, conflict and legal frameworks. The program will provide discussions on social, political, and psychological aspects of voluntary and forced migration putting its impact on children at the center of analysis. Bringing together perspectives on vulnerability and resilience, gender relations and, on children’s rights, the Summer School embraces an interdisciplinary approach.

Confirmed lecturers for this year's summer school include Maurice Crul (Free University of Amsterdam), Franck Duvell (University of Oxford), Mechtild Gomolla (Universidad der Bundeswehr Hamburg), Nihad Bunar (Stockholm University) and Sabine Strasser (Universitat Bern).

The Summer School will consist of ten days of lectures and discussions led by a distinguished international faculty, combined with seminars led by NGO representatives, and a field trip within Istanbul. This program is designed for PhD and graduate students, policy analysts, NGO and international organization practitioners, as well as junior experts in the field. Applications from all over the world are encouraged. This year, for the first time, MiReKoc Summer School will hold an award for the best short article written on the summer school theme submitted by participants.

The fee for the program is 1250 Euro (including accommodation and meals) for international students and 550 Euro (without accommodation, including lunch) for students from Turkey, and will cover lectures, course materials, and field trips. For all students, merit-based scholarships will be available for selected candidates. There is not a specific form for scholarship applications, all applicants will be considered for the scholarships. The summer school seminars and readings will both be conducted in English. A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the program. Additional requirements will be imposed on those participants who are seeking course credits (5 ECTS).

Please find below details about the program. If you have any further queries, check out the FAQs guide or please contact the Summer School team via and

Please send the following via email to AND with a subject line “Application for the MiReKoc Summer School of 2017” by midnight GMT on Friday, 28 April 2017:

  • Application Form, click here for application form
  • A current résumé
  • Proof of English (TOEFL and/or IELTS scores OR an official letter signed by relevant authority stating that the medium of education is English)
  • One reference letter from employer or professor (The letter can also be e-mailed by the referees)
  • Written work sample (Published or unpublished article, book chapter, thesis chapter and/or report preferably on a related migration topic).

Applications from all over the world are encouraged. However, only partial scholarships will be available for the candidates.

  • The fee for the program is 1250 Euros (including accommodation) for international students and 550 Euros (without accommodation) for students from Turkey, and will cover lectures, course materials and field trips.
  • With the support of Open Society Foundation in Turkey, travel and training scholarships are available todisplaced persons from SyriaFor this group only: It is necessary to refer to your displaced status on your application form and email, as well as providing your current résumé and a statement of financial need. In case other documents cannot be provided (proof of English, reference letter, written work sample), face to face or Skype meetings will be held with the MiReKoc summer school organization committee.
  • Merit-based scholarships will be available for selected candidates. Please provide a statement of financial need with your application to become eligible for scholarship.
  • Students from the IMISCOE network are eligible to a scholarship of 25% for the program fee.
  • The summer school seminars and readings will both be conducted in English
  • A certificate will be provided upon successful completion of the program.
  • Additional requirements will be imposed on those participants who are seeking course credits (5 ECTS).

Important Dates:

  • Application deadline: 28 April 2017
  • Selection of participants: Early May
  • Confirmation of attendance: One week after the announcement of selected participants
  • Registration: 9 June 2017

* Scholarships to displaced persons from Syria during MiReKoc Summer School 2017 is supported by Open Society Foundation, Turkey. The content of this website does not reflect the official opinion of Open Society Foundation, Turkey. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in this website ( lies entirely with the author(s).