Call for Applications, the Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD) 2019 in Melaka, Malaysia

Deadline:  31 May 2019
Open to: participants between the ages of 18 and 35 years old
Venue: 23 –  27 June 2019 in Melaka, Malaysia


The Melaka International Youth Dialogue (MIYD) is an annual programme of the World Assembly of Youth (WAY) which brings together young people, youth leaders and relevant stakeholders from around the world to discuss pertinent youth issues. Since 2001, the MIYD has convened on a wide range of topical issues. The MIYD has witnessed an escalating number of youth participants over the years willing to participate in the decision making process. With the view of building a stronger partnership between the youth and the society, the MIYD produces a declaration which serves as a guideline for youth to address the selected issues.

"Fake news" was not a term many people used three years ago, but it is now seen as one of the greatest threats to democracy, free debate, and order. The absence of filter in the open-sourced network of internet has been taken as an advantage by certain irresponsible parties. Realising the critical issue of fake news, various stakeholders have increasingly expressed their concerns over the rise of information manipulation that would influence public views and behaviour, misleador sensationalist headlines, incite hatred and fear, and even revise factual historical accounts. 

Young people, who are known as dynamic users of IoTs, are widely affected by the spread of fake news. Nearly, 1 in 4 young people visits a fake news site in a month, and 60 percent of them consider the evaluation of information found on the internet as a big challenge. Most of the time, young people become the target population due to their impulsive action in sharing the news and information without checking its authenticity or detecting author’s intent or hidden agenda.

Hence, various governments have uttered their intention to enact legislation that will cover and address the issue of fake news. The importance of establishing policies that would curb disinformation is indisputable. Therefore, collaboration among all stakeholders is an effective strategy, as it will contribute in preventing the spread of misleading news and bringing awareness on the issue of fake news among young people. 

Thus, it is through interactive dialogues like 19th MIYD, where young people and representatives of various stakeholders will gather to tackle the issue of fake news and to brainstorm the feasible recommendations on media literacy. The plenary sessions of this dialogue will also provide comprehensive insight on the phenomenon of fake news and its misuse by irresponsible parties via social media. At MIYD, we shall also address the role of young people, the responsibility of media, and the emerging legislation, in tackling the issue of fake news and its impact on human rights, including freedom of expression, as well as democratic values.


Expected participants should be between the ages of 18 and 35, gender balanced groups representing their respective National Youth Councils; Youth Organisations; Ministries of Youth; Ministries of Housing and Development, Municipalities, Organisations that address urbanization; Youth Development Organisations; International Organisations; United Nations Agencies, and other establishments. The total number of participants in this program shall be 250 from at least 100 different countries.


The MIYD Participation Fee amounting of USD 200.00 (Malaysian Ringgit - RM 900.00) is inclusive of registration fee, accommodation, meals, and local transportation, for the duration of the event and will be imposed to all participants. Accommodation shall be on twin sharing basis.

Extra nights including breakfast shall be surcharged with an additional amount of USD 50.00 net per day. Mode of payment could be made via bank / TELEX transfer.


All interested participants should submit the filled registration form together with the required documents and information stated in it, to the Organizing Committee via email: Deadline for submission of application is set for Friday, 31st May 2019. The admission of each application shall be determined within 3 working days from the submission.

To be filled by those who want to participate in the event.

All interested speakers should submit the filled registration form together with the required documents and information stated in it, to the Organising Committee via email: Deadline for submission of application is set for Friday, 14th June 2019. The Organising Committee shall notify the shortlisted candidates in due time.

To be filled by those who want to present in the event

If you have any questions, please write to:

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