"Summer School in Political Science and Diplomacy" - July 11 - 16, Guba

The deadline for applications: 3th of July, 2022.


"Bir Konullu" Students Cooperation Public Union will organize a Summer School Program in Political Science and Diplomacy in Guba region on July 11 - 16.


The purpose of the summer school is to create an effective platform for students to critically analyze and objectively assess the current political and economic situation in the modern world, accurately predict future processes, and participate in interactive discussions on various political issues.


During the summer school, lectures will be organized by highly qualified instructors and experts. The summer school will also include various sports activities and intellectual competitions in order to benefit the participants to spend their free time more efficiently.


Those who wish to participate in the summer camp and meet the above-mentioned requirements are highly encouraged to register through the link:



The registered candidates will be examined or interviewed during the selection process. Those who successfully pass the assessment will be eligible to attend the summer school. More information about the summer school program will be provided to selected participants.


If you need any further information about the project, please do not hesitate to contact us via E-mail: apply@konullu.edu.az   (subject: Summer School)


For more information: https://bit.ly/39CR15H