Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy (WEASA) 2022

WEASA 2022 will take place in July 10-18 2022 in-person at the College of Europe Natolin Campus in Warsaw, Poland.

Participants shall plan to arrive on July 10th and depart on July 18th.

A quick overview:

WEASA (short for the Warsaw Euro-Atlantic Summer Academy) is an annual summer school for mid-career professionals from the Eastern Partnership, the Western Balkans, and Poland. Each year, a wide range of policy analysts, experts, advisers, civil servants, NGO professionals, and journalists, take part in the academy.

WEASA was established to present and debate the political, social and economic foundations of modern democracies in the European Union and the transatlantic community and to further promote the values of freedom, pluralism and peace.

WEASA goes in line with the Eastern Partnership initiative that aims at accelerating political association, deepening economic integration, enhancing mobility of citizens and strengthening sector cooperation between the European Union and Eastern Europe.

In previous years, WEASA examined a variety of topics – from energy security to regional development. WEASA 2017 looked at how digital technology has transformed our thinking on social, political, economic and security issues. Consequently, we have decided to strengthen our focus specifically on digital affairs for the foreseeable future.

Topics for the 2022 edition include:

  • Russia’s war against Ukraine and the new geopolitical reality
  • European integration and the war in Ukraine: What’s next for Eastern Partnership
  • European integration and the war in Ukraine: What next for Western Balkans?
  • Media literacy and resilience towards disinformation
  • Open Source Intelligence and Investigations
  • Personal digital security
  • How social media companies are responding to the war
  • Citizen journalism / what is it and how it works?
  • Surveillance technologies as a threat to democracy?
  • The role of NATO in fighting disinformation


WEASA participants are typically people who meet the following criteria:

  • They are mid-career professionals, typically with at least five years of professional experience, ideally in a field related to the topic of WEASA;
  • They work as policy analysts, experts, advisers, civil servants, journalists, private sector specialists and in NGOs;
  • They are interested in the European integration, state transformation processes, transatlantic cooperation, geopolitics, cybersecurity, journalism and digital media;
  • WEASA lectures will all be designed with a non-technical audience in mind – you do not need to be a digital expert in order to apply

We welcome applicants who are citizens of the following countries:

  • The Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine;
  • The Western Balkan countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia; or
  • Poland.


The organizers cover all reasonable travel expenses and provide room and board for all WEASA participants.

Note: Please bear in mind that costs for travel to and from home countries will be reimbursed up to 330 euros.


Learn more and apply: https://www.weasa.org