International Youth Peace Fest

8th International Youth Peace Festival
“Promoting Volunteering to Break the Barriers & Bridge the Gaps”
September 27 to October 2, 2013 
Inviting Young Change Makers…
We envision a world where all people are equally respected, fully protected and universally realized.  Included in this vision is a world where all young people – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion, class, gender or other differences – are encouraged and empowered to non-violently claim their own rights and serve as advocates for the rights of others.
We believe there are capable young leaders in every global community, who can become catalyst or ‘Agents of Change’. Bringing those leaders together to inspire change is the mission of the International Youth Peace Fest.
Yuvsatta (an NGO)-Main organizer (
Yuvsatta (Youth power)-an NGO is working in a variety of areas to steer the young people towards implementing Gandhian ideals of Constructive Programme based on voluntary effort and individual & community action.
Yuvsatta’s work to promote the spirit of volunteering amongst the generation next, to bridge the barriers of race, colour, religion, nationalities plus fill the gender and economic divides by empowering the young people is more timely than ever. Each day the headlines demonstrate the human cost of this divide.  Each day the hatred and distrust grow.
To create a more just world by empowering young change makers from around the globe, Yuvsatta organizes an annual International Youth Peace Fest (IYPF), in which  a combination of cross cultural learning workshops, volunteer service and youth activism is aligned with grassroots NGOs, policy makers, and other stakeholders.
The Plans
Around 700 young people from 50 countries, almost all continents of the world and different states of India are expected to participate. IYPF 2013 will provide them a platform for increased cross-fertilization of ideas. So that they become true global citizens in thinking and action and Volunteer to co-create a future equal to their vast potential. And we in the Yuvsatta firmly believe that continuity of organizing IYPF will prove infectious and it is definite to spurt similar sprouting elsewhere in India & Globally too.
Our Inspiration
IYPF is organized in sacred memory of Late Didi Nirmala Deshpande, a former Member Parliament, Rajya Sabha and senior Gandhian Peace Activist whose relentless struggles for peace among people of this region was witnessed by a whole generation in Asia, particularly in Pakistan and India. Her commitment to all sections of the society for national integration and communal harmony remained paramount throughout her life. In reality she was a crusader and a great peace icon who believed in building stronger and durable relations among Asian countries.
It was significant that the year 2000 had been designated by the UN as the year for Culture of Peace. The Euphoria generated during this period and concerns that were expressed also affirmed growing concern over the consumerist culture, dwindling moral values, disregard of human concerns and widespread environmental degradation. At that time various international initiatives were taken to involve youth. It is a fact that youth are not being effectively involved. Mahatma Gandhi who emphasized the importance of youth being given higher roles realized that a society which doesn’t ensure youth involvement will have little chance of growth. And in keeping with these thoughts Yuvsatta first organized a World Youth Conference on theme of ‘Millennium without Violence’ in January, 2000.
Though this attempt of Yuvsatta to organize an international event was quite successful in which young students from 15 different countries and personalities like Sri R. Venkataraman, former President of India, Prof. BR Nanda, prominent historian and senior gandhians like Prof. KD Gangrade, Prof. N. Radhakrishnan participated. Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti, New Delhi also published a book on the proceedings of the Conference, which later was released by Prof. Moegiadi, Director of UNESCO, New Delhi office. An event of this scale involves lot of networking with stakeholders, logistics management and financial support, which at that time became very difficult for Yuvsatta volunteers and resultantly they were not able to make such an effort again for next six years.
But this doesn’t mean that Yuvsatta volunteers remained silent in between, on the contrary they started the concept of ‘Peace-city Chandigarh’ with opening of Peace Clubs in Schools and Colleges of the city. Under this campaign, more than 100 “Peace Clubs’ are formed in major educational institutions of tricity i.e. Chandigarh-Mohali-Panchkula, where in many Principals and teachers incharge of respective Schools and Colleges are dedicating their time and resources  to the task of making these clubs vibrant and result oriented. Education of the peace volunteers on the positive aspect of nonviolence through constructive activities, discussions, interactions and effective dialogue is the main focus of the initiative.
In 2006, Yuvsatta volunteers once again made an attempt of organizing an international event by inviting 100 young people of India and Pakistan. This was quite successful in spreading the message that continuity in contacts is essential for better understanding and removal of misgivings. Next year in 2007 participants doubled with over 250 young people gathering from both the neighboring countries. As they were not willing to be mute witness to their futures being written and unwritten and destroyed by governments. They were not hesitant to stand up to be counted. And decided to spread their small network to young people from other countries as well, so that man-made barriers can be diminished, which resulted in participation of over 400 young people from ten different countries in next Peace Fest in 2008. Progressing well IYPF 2012 saw participation of over 1000 young people from 35 countries of the world. This jamboree made a loud and clear statement with regard to the birth of a happier order of the world. Morning to the good night hours each of the participant gets involved in the intensity and sensitivity of the humane camaraderie. Now, in IYPF 2013 even greater participation is expected.
The idea is fully sustainable in a sense that participants arrange for their own travel expenses. Local School, College, Government Guest houses offer their accommodation at subsidized rates. Plus many educational institutions, Government organizations, NGO’s, corporate bodies, senior social & peace activists they all contribute towards its organization.
Not only the dancing souls found their rhythmic feat & open arms, opens up all locks of inhibition and consequently the sluice gates of the mutual understanding, respect and discovery get opened: flooding away the dogmas and suspicion. Beyond the borders connectivity was also generated by the spade cultural exposes, events, face to face interactions and intermingling by the participants within and without, specially with rural and urban populace. Wherein the locals open up their hearts and doors of hospitality and thereby allowed closer peep-in. This generates an almost utopian spectare of universal bonding.
Major Objectives
To promote peace, equality and living in harmony with nature.
To provide challenging intercultural learning experiences for young people.
To promote their social and personal development through participation in various multi-cultural, academic, sports & service initiatives.
Explore ways of understanding peace and conflict.
Connect youth-based social change efforts across issues, geography, and all lines of difference, unleashing the collaborative power and collective action of today’s younger generations.
To encourage dialogue amongst young leaders, and strive to create the next generation of nonviolent peacemakers. As the mission of Peace Festival is to ignite a generation-wide movement of young people helping to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world.
Secondary Objectives
IYPF 2013 will provide a platform for increased exchange of ideas through greater interaction amongst the participating youth.
At least 50 per cent of the participants go back with a project idea that they would implement in their community.
To promote increased sharing of ideas and learn from each other’s local initiatives, at least ten international youth exchange programs will be organized before IYPF 2015.
As the Peace Clubs in Chandigarh and adjoining towns of Panchkula and Mohali, similar Peace Clubs will be formed in at least 5 different countries by the participants of IYPF.
IYPF 2013 will train fifty young people as ‘Youth Peace Volunteers’ who can further train more and more young people in different countries to carry forward the spirit of volunteering, nonviolence, equity and justice.
1. Volunteering – a medicine or a way of life?
2. Focus on the Girl Child -towards a Different World
3. Green Citizens – exploring a New Joy of Living
4. Peace Dialogue and Youth Aspiration.
It’s very difficult to imagine any major city in India more ideal than peace-city Chandigarh, a model of outstanding modern urban planning. Chandigarh’s beautiful gardens, bicycle paths, architecture, vast network of educational institutions and culture all contribute to a quality of life that is unbeatable anywhere else. Come and see Chandigarh – a Utopia!
For more details about the city;
IYPF is an amalgam of a week of inspirational peace-talks, creative workshops, cooperative-games, action based activities, volunteer action, building cross-cultural relationships, cultural festivities and neigbourhood walks.
Beyond friendships, IYPF is also breeding grounds for inspiring new ideas. Brainstorming new ideas was not limited to discussion forums. Young people also channel their creativity into posters, pot painting, comics and collages to fully emphasize the issues. As these artistic outlet makes a bold statement.
IYPF is a catalyst for young people to get involved in their community and make a difference.  Such efforts energize those who are already engaged in good causes, helping people recognize they are not alone in their endeavor. The IYPF brings everyone together and promotes new bonds beyond boundaries of race, religion and nationalities.
In the past seven years IYPF have created a network of hundreds of motivated youth across the globe. From issues of environment to violence, these youth have been advocating for equal human rights and sustainability in various manners.
In addition, mobilizing the host city Chandigarh’s own local youth organizations is an important focus of the event. There are over 10,000 youth in local schools associated with Yuvsatta through their Peace Clubs and annual International Youth Peace Fest (IYPF).
Now seven years of intervention of an annual IYPF has started regular youth exchange program between young people of India with ten other countries of Pakistan, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, China, USA, Mauritius, Myanmar, UAE, UK & Bhutan.
IYPF provides young people a platform for increased exchange of ideas, so that they become true global citizens in thinking and action and volunteer to co-create a future equal to their vast potential.
IYPF further energize the local Peace Clubs in Schools & Colleges of Chandigarh, not only to take active part in the initiative but also to share ideas, network and start campaigns for common good of all.
PARTICIPATION FEES: SAARC Country delegates–INR 1000, other countries $US 50
Listed below, alphabetically, are the organizations that contributed to the success of IYPF 2012. We wish to add at the least 20 new partners to the IYPF 2013.
Bhojia Dental College & Hospital, Baddi, HP ; Provided bus for transportation of delegates.
Commonwealth Youth Asia Centre, Sector 12, Chandigarh; Facilitated a ‘Youth Peace Trainer’s Training Programme’ with Daya Centre of Peace, Hyderbad and also offered their guest house for stay of delegates at subsidized rates.
Chandigarh Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology: Hosted a catering learning session for IYPF 2012 delegates.
Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration; Provided financial support to IYPF 2012.
Department of Forests, Chandigarh Administration; Provided financial support to IYPF 2012.
Day & Night News: Arranged for regular electronic media coverage of all major events of IYPF 2012.
Department of Science & Technology, Chandigarh Administration supported financially IYPF 2012.
GGD SD College, Sector 32D, Chandigarh; Offered their main auditorium, mini halls, hostels, College grounds, campus for organization of IYPF 2012.
Gram Panchayat, Sarangpur village, Chandigarh; specially organized an Indian wedding scene and village visit for IYPF 2012 delegates.
Gurukul Global School, Manimajra, Chandigarh; Hosted an exchange visit of IYPF delegates at their School and provided buses for transportation of delegates.
Ministry of Water, Government of India; Provided financial support to organize rain water harvesting promotion related events in IYPF 2012.
Ministry of Culture, Government of India; Provided financial support in organization of IYPF 2012.
Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh; Hosted a welcome evening & dinner for all IYPF 2012 delegates.
NITTTR, Sector 26, Chandigarh; Offered their guest house for stay of delegates at subsidized rates.
4 Real News; Arranged for regular electronic media coverage of all major events of IYPF 2012.
Oxfam-India, New Delhi; Provided financial support to IYPF 2011.
 Panjab University, Sector 14, Chandigarh; Offered their guest house for stay     of delegates at subsidized rates and auditoriums for holding of some events.
Paragon Sr. Sec. School, SAS Nagar; Arranged for home stay of Chinese delegation and provided transport buses for IYPF delegates.
PIDT (People’s Institute for Development & Training), New Delhi; Supported the sessions on Respect of others by way of eminent resource persons.
Regional Institute of Cooperative Management, Sector 32, Chandigarh; Offered their guest house for stay of delegates at subsidized rates.
Youth Hostel, Panchkula; Offered their guest house for stay of delegates at subsidized rates.

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