Seminar: Hate speech and religious intolerance: Educational responses to Islamophobia in Europe

Deadline:  19 August 2014
Open to: participants from Europe and beyond
Venue: 16-20 September 2014, at European Youth Centre Budapest, Hungary


The seminar aims to explore and understand the dimensions Islamophobia and its expression through online hate speech and explore the role of education in combating it and promoting religious tolerance and understanding.

The seminar will also make concrete proposals for actions and initiatives to implemented online and offline in the framework of the No Hate Speech Movement campaign, contribute to the implementation of the European Action Day against Islamophobia and Religious Intolerance on 21 September 2014 and propose ways to implement and apply the “Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrmination against Muslims. Addressing Islamophobia through Education”. 

The objectives of the seminar are: 

  1. To assess and deepen the understanding of Islamophobia as both a form of racism and religious intolerance, its causes, manifestations and consequences; 
  2. To familiarize participants with the Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims, elaborated by OSCE-ODIHR, UNESCO and the Council of Europe and with the Bookmarks. Manual for combating hate speech online through human rights education; 
  3. To share experiences and good practice of combating Islamophobia through formal and non-formal education; 
  4. To support cooperation and networking among participants and the partner institutions to combat Islamophobia and other forms of religious intolerance;
  5. To identify practical proposals and projects to support the implementation of the “Guidelines for Educators on Countering Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims” at European and especially, local and national level;
  6. To propose concrete initiatives and actions in the framework of the No Hate Speech Movement to counter Islamophobia and its expressions online and offline, along with its causes. 


The seminar will bring together some 20 participants from Europe and beyond. Participants should fit the following profile: 

  1. Be involved as activists or part of National Campaign Committees of the No Hate Speech Movement or be educators, youth workers or youth leaders, teachers, researchers, representatives of human rights, minority or religious organisations working on the topic of Islamophobia or religious intolerance; 
  2. Be interested to develop follow-up activities and actions to counter Islamophobia and related hate speech in the framework of the campaign, and beyond in their work with young people and educators of young people; 
  3. Be able to work autonomously in English; 
  4. Be available for the entire duration of the seminar. 


  • All participants will be offered board and  lodging in the European Youth Centre Budapest. 
  • Travel expenses and visa costs are reimbursed upon presentation of the relevant receipts, according to the rules of the Council of Europe. Only the participants who attend the entire seminar can be reimbursed. The payment will be made either by bank transfer after each course, or at the end of the seminar in cash (in Euros).



All interested candidates will have to complete the application form online available at by 19 August 2014
Participants will be informed by the results of the selection by 25 August 2014. 

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