Call for Papers 'Comparing the Black Sea and Caspian: Interdisciplinary Perspectives'

Deadline:  19 December 2014
Open to: researchers from all countries
Venue: 25-26 February 2015, in Thessaloniki, Greece


Historically the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea were linked by the series of trading routes collectively known as the Silk Road. Both seas are surrounded by post-Soviet states, which share similarities in economic and political culture – but they are also bordered by regional players such as Turkey and Iran. States around both seas have attempted to cooperate with one another, but regionalism in both regions remains underdeveloped. Both seas contain oil and gas resources, along with the disputes that accompany accessing them. Moreover, the influence of religion over politics has become subject to intense debate in recent years, especially in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Divergent solutions to the balance between secularism and Islam are evident across the regions. This two-day conference at the International Hellenic University will explore some of these similarities and differences. Papers will compare and contrast the regions, with the view to sharing experience and expertise. 

We encourage applications on topics engaging (but not limited to) the following areas: 
  • Regionalism and geopolitics (Defining regions; prospects and problems for regional cooperation; the role of regional hegemon: Turkey, Iran, and Russia)
  • Religion and culture (Muslim minorities; religion and politics; circulation of ideas and persons)
  • Energy and economics (Future suppliers; supply-demand; infrastructure projects between two seas; trade corridors)
  • Security (The impact of the crisis in Ukraine; migration; military cooperation; security sector reform; military build-up)

We welcome papers that explore any of the above areas as well as issues related to economic cooperation, regional security, energy or historical and cultural commonalities.


In reality, researchers from all countries are welcome to submit an abstract. Researchers from all EU countries and the 8 mentioned countries (Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran) are eligible to apply for one of the three travel stipends available.



Three travel stipends for PhD students and early career researchers who focus on either the Caspian or Black Sea regions will be offered with the generous support of the Hollings Centre. One travel grant will be open to researchers based in the EU, one will be open to researchers from Black Sea littoral states (Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia) and one for the Caspian Sea (Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran).


Please send your abstracts (maximum 400 words) and a brief CV with full contact details (email, telephone, postal address) to Eurasian Dialogue ( by 19 December 2014. Notification of the successful applications will be sent by 31 December 2014.

In order to apply, register HERE.

Full papers should be submitted by 15 February 2015 so that they can be forward it to the discussants. In order to ensure time for discussion, conference presentations should not exceed 20 minutes. The working language of the conference is English.

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