Call for Applications - Expert-Young Professional’s forum: Azerbaijan and Georgia

Azerbaijan-Georgian relations: Political Capital and Regional Dynamics

Expert-Young Professional’s forum: Azerbaijan and Georgia

Center for Social Sciences (CSS) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) South Caucasus Regional office areimplementing a project: Azerbaijan-Georgian relations: Political Capital and Regional Dynamics” -Expert-Young Professional’s forum: Azerbaijan and Georgia. We would gather participants from Georgia and Azerbaijan to discuss issues of regional importance as well as related to bilateral relations of two countries. This project will help to widen academic and professional circles of the participants. 


There are four thematic topics under which young professionals and experts from Azerbaijan and Georgia will work.

Those are:

  1. The future of Economic cooperation: energy security and trade;
  2. Regional politics and international partnerships: challenges for Azerbaijan –Georgian relations;
  3. Unemployment in Georgia and Azerbaijan: social-cultural and gender perspectives;
  4. Religious extremism in modern Azerbaijan/Georgia;

First forum will be held on 14th of May 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It will be then followed by intensive consultations with experts where the team consisting of one Georgian and one Azerbaijani young professional will create a paper to present on the second and last meeting on 7-9th of July 2017 in Georgia, outside of Tbilisi.

We would like to invite young researchers, young professionals with relevant work experience, PhD and Master students from Azerbaijan and Georgia interested to participate in the project. 

All costs are covered by the project organizers.

Please send your CV and Motivation Letter on no later than 28thof April, 2017.   In the subject line please indicate surname and occupation.