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Join us for Default Summit 2021

A self-directed learning experience to prepare your business for sustaining and scaling a fully or hybrid remote workforce.

In 2021, we’re going ALL IN on remote work.

2020 was the year of patched together technologies and security breaches, complex workarounds, and for many, learning an entirely new style of working and leading teams. 

But even with all of these challenges, we saw the benefits. We saw an expanded and diverse talent pool, improved retention rates and productivity, and lower costs. Not to mention the many benefits to our environment and other social causes. 

And the results are in. Over half of employees expect to continue to work remotely the majority of the time in 2021 (PWC), so unless we truly embrace a digital by default workforce, we’ll stay stuck in 2020, and no one wants to relive that year again. 

Join us for Default Summit 2021 to hear the experts share real stories, practical advice and lessons learned. This self-directed learning experience will allow you to learn at your own pace, and take in content the way you want to.