3rd International Erich Fromm Research Conference International Psychoanalytic University (IPU)

Deadline: September 15, 2022

The Erich Fromm Research Conference aims at bringing together international researchers engaged with the work of Erich Fromm, examining the actuality of Fromm’s social-analytical approach, as well as exploring the potential for further development of this approach with regard to contemporary social developments. The conference is in English. It is organized by the Erich Fromm Study Center at the IPU Berlin and conducted by Dr. Rainer Funk, Tübingen, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Kühn, Berlin.

Transformation is an omnipresent term in the current social, political as well as scientific discourse. Its increasing usage seems to express a widespread wish for change of society. At the same time, despite its frequent usage, the term often stays vague and underdetermined. On the one hand, it seems widely agreed upon that transformation processes should be turning the status quo into a better future, on the other hand, it often stays undefined, what a better future should look like. A critical discussion of the goals, a transformation should aim at, is often missing. The conference therefore aims at introducing the radical humanistic perspective of Erich Fromm to the analysis of ongoing social change, encompassing a critical debate on the directions this change should head at as well as the means it takes. With Fromm, we would like to shift the focus from technical innovations, a perspective that is predominant in current discourses on transformation, to human change. From a Frommian perspective, the question of human change inevitably encompasses aspects of technical innovation as well but does not stop there. Broadly speaking, we seek to analyze all aspects of society including unconscious forces that form the social character in a Frommian sense and therefore are important for a humanistic transformation.

We welcome contributions in five main thematic fields:

Call for Abstracts

We kindly ask to submit applications for participation in the conference as a speaker of a 20 minutes lecture until September 15, 2022. Please forward applications as PDF documents to Thomas Kühnand Rainer Funk.

Furthermore, it is possible to apply for a short input of 5-7 minutes, to present ongoing qualification work or running research projects with reference to the work of Erich Fromm. These short inputs can be, but do not have to be, related to the main thematic fields. Applications for this format shall also be submitted until September 15, 2022, to the aforementioned email addresses.

The applications for both options should contain the preferred format (lecture/ short presentation), title of the input, names and affiliations of contributing authors and marking of the presenting author, a short abstract on the content of one page maximum, and a short CV of the presenting author.

Further Information


We would like to express our appreciation to the Karl Schlecht Foundation for generously supporting the International Erich Fromm Research Conference 2023.