13th International School on Rewriting (ISR 2022)

Open to:

Students/ Young scientists


19 September, 2022




Term Rewriting is a simple but powerful model of computation with numerous applications in computer science and mathematics. It is heavily used in symbolic computation, formal reasoning, and program verification. Rewriting-based techniques are useful in many other fields as well, for instance, in quantum computing, biology, music...

The 13th International School on Rewriting (ISR 2022) will take place at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia. The school is aimed at students, researchers and practitioners interested in the use or the study of rewriting and its applications and offers two parallel tracks:  

- Basic track: introduction to first-order term rewriting and λ-calculus
  with lectures by Aart Middeldorp, Sarah Winkler and Sandra Alves

- Advanced track: lectures on rewriting theory and applications
   - Probabilistic term rewriting, Martin Avanzini
   - Protocol Analysis using Maude-NPA, Santiago Escobar
   - Automated Termination Analysis of Term Rewriting, Carsten Fuhs 
   - On the Confluence of Rewrite Systems, Raúl Gutiérrez
   - Theorem Proving with Applications, Christopher Lynch
   - Rule-based Programming with Rholog, Mircea Marin
   - Tree Automata Techniques for Term Rewriting, Aart Middeldorp
   - Real-Time Maude, Peter Csaba Ölveczky
   - Formal Methods for Machine Learning, Caterina Urban
   - Constraint Programming for Analysis of Rewriting, Johannes Waldmann


BSC/MSC/PhD students and researchers


  • Sharpen your knowledge.
  • Gain and share new ideas and best practices.
  • Learn about the latest innovations and insights.
  • Meet influencers and industry experts face to face.
  • Make new contacts and stay connected with friends and colleagues.


Registration will open in May.

The registration fee is 200/250 Euro (early till July 15/late till August 31), which will include access to school materials, coffee breaks, and social events (excursion and banquet). The registration fee for an accompanying person is 50/100 Euro (early/late) and included only social events. 

Participants affiliated with Ukrainian universities will have the registration fee waived. Further support will be announced if funds get available. 

Besik Dundua
Temur Kutsia

Visit https://viam.science.tsu.ge/clas2022/isr/ ////bdundua@gmail.com