The 2020 Microelectronic&Micro&Nano Engineering Journals, Young Investigator Award&Lectureship


Deadline:  14 June 2020


The 2020 Microelectronic Engineering and Micro and Nano Engineering Journals (Elsevier), Young Investigator Award and Lectureship

Microelectronic Engineering family (MEE/MNE) is proud to continue its long contribution (1983-2020) in the field of processing for Micro- and Nano-scale Device and System fabrication. In the past 37 years MEE has expanded from the field of microelectronics to the fields of Nanotechnology and Microsystems following the rapid proliferation of microelectronics into many new areas and applications. In 2018 a new open access journal was launched called Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE). Beyond electronics, MEE along with MNE are now also focusing on fabrication of photonic, plasmonic, bioelectronic, electromechanical and fluidic devices and systems and their applications in the broad areas of electronics, energy, life sciences, and environment.

MEE/MNE are also proud to continue the series of Young Investigator Awards and MEE/MNE Lectureships for a sixth year. The Lectureship will be presented at the MNE2020 Conference in September 2020 in Leuven, Belgium ( The Lectureship award will include $1000, plus travel costs to present the award lecture at the September 2020 MNE meeting, while MNE2020 conference will cover registration and contribute towards accommodation costs.

Requirements for Candidates

Application is open to early-career researchers of any nationality from universities, research centers, and industry. The applicant must have earned his or her PhD degree after January 1st 2012. The applicant must have published paper(s) as a main or first author in MEE or MNE. Candidates should apply themselves and MUST include the name and contact details of one main nominator, plus the name and contact details of 2 more people who can provide recommendation letters.

Applications should include in one file (Please follow strictly the format):

  • An introductory page (max 1 page) including: Name and affiliation of the candidate, date of completion of the candidate's most recent degree, year PhD was obtained and total years of research experience, name and affiliation and contact details of a nominator and two more people who will offer a recommendation letter, as well as a brief statement (e.g. half a page) from the nominator (e.g. a copy of a support e-mail). Nominators are expected to be members of the MEE/MNE editorial board, or other well known and established members of the MEE/MNE and microfabrication community.
  • A CV (max 2 pages)
  • Track record (max 2 pages) including: Brief description of accomplishments, list of top publications (with focus on those relevant to the award and those in MEE/MNE), list of patents, invited presentations, and awards
  • Applicants should merge all of the above items in one single file.
  • Due to the high competition, candidates are asked to include in this one file quantitative information, such as:
    • Year PhD obtained and total years of research experience
    • Total number of peer reviewed journal publications, number of MEE/MNE publications, total citations, total citations of MEE/MNE publication(s) (list total and self-citations, as well as related performance indexes)
    • Total number of invited presentations / papers
    • Total number of patent families (i.e. list as a single patent family a patent filed or granted in several national patent offices,  EPO, or International)
    • Total number of book chapters or books edited
    • List of top publications and patents (Journal publications, Conference Proceedings, Books, Patent application families)
    • Professional distinctions (including awards, prizes, scholarships)
    • Professional impact (research funds, membership in committees, editorial duties, reviewer duties, commercial, social or environmental impact of the research work, industrial working experience or exposure).
    • National and International mobility, and independence of research

Send your applications for the 2020 MΕΕ/MNE Award and Lectureship to