Сall for Applications: Pablo Casals International Award 2020


Deadline: 13 july 2020


How can I register for the competition call of the Award?

Registering and presenting the corresponding documentation must be done through an online form. We recommend that you carefully consult the rules of the Award’s competition call in order to understand its terms and conditions and prepare all the required documentation.

The cost for registering for the Award is 20 euros and payment can be made by card or bank transfer.

What is the timeline of the Pablo Casals International Award 2020?

The timeline of this edition of the Pablo Casals International Award for Young Cellists is as follows:

  • Deadline for registration and submission of documents: until midnight (CET) on 13 July 2020.
  • Communicating the decision of candidates and finalists: from 25 September 2020.
  • Final audition and jury verdict of the Pablo Casals International Award: 20 November 2020 at the Pau Casals Municipal School of Music in El Vendrell (Tarragona).

Prizes and promotion

The Pablo Casals International Award is one of the most renowned international competitions for young cellists and consists of three winning prizes:

  • First Prize – 18,000 euros 
  • AENA Special Prize – 12,000 euros
  • Third Prize – 6,000 euros

In addition to these financial prizes, the winners will have the opportunity to participate in the concerts organised by the Pablo Casals Foundation and receive advice on developing their professional and artistic careers.

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