Would you like to create international visibility for your project?

Apply with your project for the #FallingWallsEngage pitches and win a trip to Berlin to showcase your project on stage in front of a global audience at the Falling Walls Science Summit from 7-9 Nov 2022.





  • Impact
    Initiatives with measurable outcomes and long-term impact on their target group
  • Approach
    Participatory formats of all levels: from public panels to arts-driven or entertaining approaches, or co-productive research.
  • Transferability
    Exemplary initiatives from all over the world with a transferable and/or scalable approach that generates mutual learning and mutual benefits for science and their target group.
  • Overall impression
    Structure and quality of application.
    On 7 Nov: Structure and quality of pitch presentation on stage.


  • The applicant/nominee must be 18 years or older when submitting the application.
  • The project/initiative must already be running and active at the time of the application. Being in the funding or idea phase is not considered as a running project.


We define Science Engagement as activities, events, or interactions bridging the gap between science and society to generate mutual learning and mutual benefits. Engagement is per definition a two-way process with the goal to shape and co-create the scientific process together, to promote equal involvement in science knowledge production and to involve the public actively in science.

At Falling Walls Engage we seek for participatory formats of all levels: from co-productive research over public panels towards arts-driven or entertaining approaches – common ground is the involvement of and impact on all sides involved.



We define the impact of Science Engagement initiatives as long-lasting improvements on people’s lives. By offering opportunities to participate actively in scientific processes and become an integral part in scientific developments, Science Engagement empowers people to make scientifically based and more reflected decisions. Thus, it has a positive impact on the empowerment of all people, the perception of scientific facts and overall the wellbeing of our society.

Benefits for all 50 Finalists

  • Unique networking-opportunities with Science Engagers and peers around the world.
  • Increased reach and visibility for you and your initiative on a global level.
  • Participation in multiple professional workshops with other Finalists.
  • Access to the global Falling Walls Engage Community, to join regular physical and virtual events such as the Falling Walls Engage Hubs.
  • Access to a digital and global community platform, to connect and collaborate with community members.
  • Inclusion of your Science Engagement project on the World Engagement Map.
  • Opportunity to get involved in the International Year of Science Engagement.
  • And much more.

Extra benefits for the 20 Winners

  • Win a trip to Berlin and showcase your project to an international audience and a distinguished jury on stage on 7 November.
  • Have the chance to become the Breakthrough of the Year 2022 in the category Science Engagement.
  • Become a Falling Walls Engage Science Engagement Ambassador, an exclusive part of the Falling Walls Engage Community, with exclusive learning and development opportunities
  • In depth co-learning and peer exchange with Falling Walls Community members, partners and global leaders.
  • Your live pitch published on our growing Falling Walls media library.

Extra benefits for the Breakthrough of the Year