Deadline: 15 March 2020

Between the months of May and June, Laimun offers one residency mentorship program to an artist working with the medium of photography or a writer/curator developing their research on visual culture, image studies, cultural history and the role of images in culture.

The mentorship program consists of a maximum of 3 weeks in which the resident will live and work in Villacidro, a small town in south-western Sardinia (Italy), 50 km from the island’s capital Cagliari, situated on the slopes of the Linas mountain chain.

Laimun is an artist-in-residence program and curatorial project that intends to create conversations with international artists across various disciplines. Each residency has a duration of a maximum of 3 weeks and offers artists and writers a living and working space in a quiet area in the south of Sardinia, close to nature and about half an hour from the sea.

Laimun is aimed at artists and writers who need a reserved space and a period to create new work, pursue artistic research, or conclude an ongoing project.

Outside the residency period, Laimun is based in Berlin, Germany and directed by Anya Jasbar. The residency is a satellite program of the activities of Ahorn Books, a publishing project and curatorial platform dedicated to contemporary photography and visual culture founded by Daniel Augschöll and Anya Jasbar. 


The house hosts an extensive library with books, magazines, and other collectibles. Candidates are encouraged to take advantage of these collections for their projects or research topics.

The library contains mostly books in Italian and French, touching very different topics, from literature to history, nature, geography, history of art, ancient languages (Latin/Greek), and so on. There is also a vast number of encyclopedias, illustrated books and numerous magazine collections, especially lifestyle/culture magazines from the 1960s until the early 2000s.

In addition to the existent collection, every participant can specify a selection of books in English that might be useful for their research and we will try to acquire new books as well and have them available during the residency. 


The resident’s room is equipped with a working table, and Wifi is available through a portable router with mobile data. A larger shared working space is also available with an office multifunctional printer with a scanner, a large conference table, suitable for editing images, books’ dummies or browsing through books and magazines from the library’s collection.

There is space to set a small photo studio as well, for example for projects working with studio photography or documentation of objects and books, but only if the resident can bring their own studio equipment. 

For printing images/photographs on photo paper will provide contacts with local photo labs. A darkroom to develop films or a lab to print in black and white will be available in Cagliari through a partner organization.


The program is meant for those who need time to reflect and research without pressure on a topic related to image-making and the cultural impact and effects of visual content and material. The residency can be approached in a production mode (creating a new photographic series or finalizing a book or exhibition project), or in a research mode, where the time is spent mainly on intellectual research and activities. The mentor will help the resident finding their research materials, creating connections with local organizations, dedicating time to the analysis of the project and the further development of it. 

Anya Jasbar and Daniel Augschöll will be the mentors for the Spring Session 2020. Further figures or guests will be announced during the residency.


Laimun, in collaboration with Ahorn Books, will offer other opportunities after the residency session. Depending on the project, opportunities for public talks, pop-up exhibitions or publications will be considered after the residency program. With the mentorship program, after the residency, additional time for the resident’s project development will be available during the whole year either in Laimun’s office in Berlin or via Skype.


The application has a processing fee of €35, which will only serve to cover the administrative expenses of the selection of candidates and the organization of the residency’s resources.

Accommodation in Sardinia and the mentorship program are entirely free for a maximum of 3 weeks. The costs for food, travel, and transportation are not included. Each candidate will be required to cover these costs individually.

The costs related to personal expenses (daily living expenses and trips) are borne by the candidate. We are available to help candidates obtaining external funds to cover these costs by offering them the necessary documentation attesting their participation in the residency and the related program.



Use to submit the application processing fee of €35 and then fill out the online form at to submit your documents. You can also download the residency application form PDF and send all the required documents to