Call for Applications: Artwalk Wakefield Artist Commissions 2020


Deadline: 8 March 2020


Artwalk Wakefield, supported by the Artwalk Core Partners, is commissioning a number of artist interventions. The projects will take place on Artwalk events throughout 2020 with an aim to excite and invigorate the Artwalk programme.

A bi-monthly event, Artwalk features exhibitions, live music, performances, poetry, and much more across a variety of venues in Wakefield city centre including galleries, offices, cafes and bars.

Your proposal can reference a specific venue or be an outdoor activity. It can last for a few hours or could be installed for 2 months. We are open to all proposals. We are also interested in works and projects which respond to the local context of Wakefield, and are particularly keen to support artists and groups working in and/or exploring the idea of ‘Walking in Wakefield’ to contribute to our new walking tours.

The projects will take place during Artwalk events on 27th May, 24th July, 30th September and 25th November 2020.

The commission opportunities:

  • Large commission – Combined Artist fee and a materials budget of £1000
  • Micro commissions – Combined Artist fee and a materials budget of £250

Applicants may be awarded either large or small commissions, we encourage applicants to submit one application for both of the above opportunities with a ‘scale up/ down’ option. Or if you would like to only apply for either the small or larger opportunity please give a reason as to why in your application.

We would like the commissions to consider:

  • Celebrating Wakefield’s history and culture
  • Engaging with a diverse range of voices
  • Building Wakefield resident's civid pride
  • Engaging with the Wakefield public, exciting those who do not usually engage in arts and culture


Please include the following information in your submission:

  • A written proposal for your project and the thinking behind it (400 words max)
  • A breakdown of how you would spend the budget
  • How you hope this opportunity will help you to develop your practice
  • Any access requirements or specialist support you need
  • Any other barriers you may face e.g. access to space, access to tools and equipment etc.
  • Which Artwalk event you would prefer to participate in: May 27th, July 24th, September 30th, or November 25th 2020
  • Images of relevant previous work
  • Links to your website/ relevant social media accounts

Applicants must be over 18 or have a designated over 18 to facilitate the project with.

We are happy to accept applications in other formats to meet differing access needs. If you have any questions or comments on the application process or how your access requirements can be met, please feel free to contact or call us on 01924 312000.