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Deadline: April 19, 2020


ICOM Canada is pleased to share the Call for Papers for the 43rd Annual ICOFOM Symposium, to be held in Montreal from September 28 – October 2, 2020. The theme for the Symposium is “The decolonization of museology: museums, mixing and myths of origin.”

Please click here for the full ICOFOM Symposium Call for Papers document.

Proposals must be submitted  (the call for submissions was extended from the original March 31 deadline). The proposals will have to integrate one of the proposed axes of analysis. They should follow the formatting rules of ICOFOM and be written in one of the three languages of ICOM (English, French, Spanish).

ICOFOM is the ICOM International Committee for Museology, in charge of researching, studying and disseminating the theoretical basis of Museums and Museology with respect to the diverse perspectives represented by an international community of museologists and museum thinkers.

The vision of ICOFOM is to foster the development of quality knowledge in the museum field and inclusivity through the increase of a diverse membership and engagement as The International Center for Museology, reflecting all regional streams of museology through an affirmative action policy.

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