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For Indian science, technology, engineering and mathematics students seeking work experience opportunities, InVolMEnt is a one-stop solution. Here you will find many avenues for internships, volunteering, mentorship and entrepreneurship that suit your undergraduate or postgraduate research interests. Browse through our sections to explore more.


About Us

InVolMEnt is a free web platform and a network for science, technology, engineering and mathematics undergraduate & master's students to access internships, volunteering, mentorship and entrepreneurship opportunities. At its core are the concepts of inter-disciplinarity, imagination and empowering students with research acumen. 

As newcomers to higher education and advanced sciences, undergrads might feel lost while scouting for mentors or opportunities in labs, corporates and academia. 

This is where InVolMEnt comes in — it's a one-stop hub for finding opportunities. Here you can filter through opportunity listings and sign up to receive notification alerts. Our repository also links you to essential skill and knowledge enhancement resources. 

In the future, we want to create an algorithm based match-making system between the seekers and the providers of opportunities based on their mutual interests, skills and needs.  

Our aim is to help dissolve boundaries between humanities, science and commerce and spotlight various perspectives to open up your worldview. We are a volunteer-run community. Our volunteers are usually students who aspire to mainstream India’s underserved UG STEM students, sandwiched between a high school science ambition and a post-graduation – just the right time to retain their interest in science by expanding their imagination of the scientific world beyond coursework and the laboratory.


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