Tanzlabor_21 Artist-in-Residence-Programme

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: international artists
Fellowship: The grants cover travel and accommodation costs


After a reorganisation of the residency programme, Tanzlabor_21 now offers the following different formats: residencies, research residencies, grants for national and international artists, as well as grants for the use of Z, Centre for Research and Rehearsals.


Many interesting co-operations between artists from the region and national and international artists fail to develop due to a lack of funds for travel and accommodation. However, international exchange and the introduction of new subjects, concepts and approaches are a sustainable enrichment to every project. In order to promote the development of national and international networks by regional dance makers through co-operations with artists from other parts of Germany or abroad, projects from the region can apply for grant residencies from Tanzlabor_21 with immediate effect. 


 The grants cover travel and accommodation costs for non-local artists involved in a current production


Applications must include a concept, details on where rehearsals will take place, the name of the cooperating non-local artist and planned time and length of stay, as well as an explanation of why this artist is important to the production. This grant program is open to local and regional dance makers for productions being developed in the Rhine-Main area.

There are various different deadlines throughout the year, when artists can apply for a residency. Half the residencies will be awarded to local and regional artists; the other half to national and international artists. Depending on the quality of the applications, shifts in the distribution ratio are possible.

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