Are you a visual artist with experience or interest in immersive media and technologies?



Location: Norrköping, Sweden
Residency dates: A total of 120 days distributed over two periods: 15 Jan-30 Jun and 8 Aug-30 Sep 2022
Application deadline: 1 October 2021, 23:59 (GMT)
Click here for the online application form (see below for more information on the documents).

About the residency

We invite an artist working with visual media to come and work in Norrköping to explore the immersive format in our fulldome theatre. The selected artist will work together with a local music artist and researchers, producers and engineers from Linköping University and the Visualization Center. The goal of the collaboration is an interactive multimedia artwork for the dome theater where music is combined with immersive visualization. The visual media artist will propose a project idea and be responsible for the overall vision and design; researchers, producers and engineers contribute with more specific knowledge in immersive visualization design, production process and immersive visualization technology. The researchers will also study the finished work's audience experience with a view to formulating new knowledge about immersive multimedia visualization, knowledge that contributes to better design of future dome productions.
The artists will create a new and original immersive artwork for the dome theater during their 4-month (120 days) residency in Norrköping and at the end of the residency they will present the finished work to the audience at the Visualization Center. The visual media artist will be also invited to give three workshops around immersive art and technology as well as creative processes to a diverse audience (school kids, teenagers, scientists etc).
The residency program is funded by Norrköping municipality and run in collaboration with the Visualization Center and the municipality’s business office.

About Norrköping and the Norrköping Visualization Center C

The city of Norrköping is located in the eastern parts of Sweden, about 160 km southwest of Stockholm. For hundreds of years, water powered huge textile industries throughout the city. Today, the once abandoned industries are again bursting with life as the city has been transformed into a culture, music and visualization technology hub in Sweden. Norrköping offers an excellent opportunity to make art and technology work together, as there is a tradition of cross-section projects and initiatives. Norrköping is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities network.
The Norrköping Visualization Center is located in several of the old industrial buildings in the city, hosting both the cutting edge visualization research at Linköping University as well as public facilities. The center has one of the most advanced dome theaters in the world with an 8k laser projector system with stereo (3D) capacity. In the dome, school kids come to learn the secrets of the known universe, scientists try to find new ways of visualizing their work, and the production teams at the center work on creating new public productions. It is this immersive format that we invite our artist in residence to explore together with researchers and audiences! 

Who should apply?

We are looking for visual artists with experience or interest in immersive media and technologies to create a novel artwork for the dome theater that explores the relationship between music, visualization, and audience engagement. The work will involve close collaboration with a musician and with visualization technology specialists. The applicants should be able to spend at least 120 days in Norrköping during the residency period and commit 40 hours per week.

Specifically, this is what we are looking for:

  • Experience or interest in immersive media storytelling and production
  • Experience of collaborative multimedia art production
  • Workable understanding of immersive technologies (such as VR, AR, dome theaters and game engines)

What do we offer?

  • Monthly stipend of 3300 Euro (gross) for the 4-month residency
  • Covering transportation costs for two trips to and from Norrköping
  • Working space
  • Technical production budget up to 3000 Euro
  • Opportunity to work at one of the most advanced dome theaters in the world and be part of the vibrant music scene in Norrköping
  • We do not offer paid accommodation, but will assist in finding suitable accommodation for the artist during the stay.

Form of application

Here is a list of what you are expected to submit for the application:

  • Project idea or vision for your work during the stay in Norrköping - max. 500 words
  • Activity plan sketch (how the 120 days will be distributed over the 15 Jan-30 Jun and 8 Aug-30 Sep periods) - max. 500 words
  • CV
  • Portfolio (or link to webpage with portfolio)

Click here for the online application form. The deadline to apply for the residency is 1 October 2021, 23:59 (GMT).

Evaluation criteria

The applications will be evaluated on the following criteria: 

  • Credibility/qualifications of the applicant
  • Feasibility and appeal of the suggested project/vision

Application timeline


Open call announcement

15 August 2021

Application deadline

1 October 2021, 23:59 (GMT)

Shortlist and interviews

20 October 2021

Notification of results

25 October 2021

Study visit in Norrköping (optional)

November-December 2021

Residential stay in Norrköping

A total of 120 days distributed over two periods: 15 Jan-30 Jun and 8 Aug-30 Sep 2022


If you have any questions about the application or problems with the online form, please contact