Call for application - Visiting scholars 2021/2022 at Bordeaux Montaigne University

Visiting Scholar

The calender for the application has been changed due to the pandemic. The new campaign for the year 2021-2022 will be launched on October 11th 2021.

Program description

Every year, Bordeaux Montaigne University host our “Visiting Scholar” program, where foreign university teachers and teacher researchers, from partner universities as well as non-partner universities are invited.  

11 Visiting Professors will have the possibility to be fully part of the University Bordeaux Montaigne community in 2022. They are expected to dedicate most of their time to their ongoing research, possibly in collaboration with colleagues of the UBM during two events, both directly related to their research project: a lecture given within the framework of an inaugural event, as well as a public lecture at the Doctoral School.

They may also consider, if they wish, other activities related to their research projects (e.g. experiential teaching, creative interventions, field activities, master classes). They are also strongly encouraged to meet UBM faculty members and PhD candidates who work in their field.

The Visiting Professors program is financed by the French Ministry of National Education and by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research in order to fund stays dedicated to research and teaching. It is open to applicants whose research and/or teaching interests are in keeping with those of the UBM.

Terms of the assignment

Visiting scholars will be asked to give 4 hours of lectures:

  • 2 hours within the framework of an inaugural public event which will take the form of a collective welcome at the beginning of the stay. The visiting professor will present his/her background and research project, as well as the importance of the international dimension of this project.
  • 2 hours within the framework of a public event which will take the form of a conference at the Doctoral School with a content that the guest professor will have developed during his/her stay at UBM. The Doctoral School program is offered between mid-January and mid-April, and between late October and mid-December.

Criteria of eligibility

  • Criterion 1: The visiting professor must not exceed the legal age of 67 during the period of his/her stay.
  • Criterion 2 Candidates must reside abroad and work in a non-French higher education or research institution.
  • Candidates of all nationalities are eligible.

Evaluation criteria

  • Criterion 1: Quality of the applicant’s scientific and pedagogical background.
  • Criterion 2: Quality of the applicant’s current research project.


Submitting your application

Guidelines for applicants


  • Opening of the application process: October 11th,2021
  • Deadline for application: November 7th, 2021
  • Nominations: December 2021
  • Period of stay: from February to April and October to December 2022

Register online on the Incoming Staff Mobility Portal, then download the requested documents and complete the application form.

Required documents and information

  • Detailed CV with list of publications & Short Bio (150-200 words).
  • A statement (800-1000 words) of the applicant’s current research project, explaining how the project will benefit from a stay at UBM. This part should additionally include up to 5 bibliographical references and 3-5 keywords.
  • A scientific article or book chapter published within the last three years or in press (max. 20 pages).
  • The language in which the lectures will be given.
  • The name of the inviting professor (optional) and/or a letter of support by a UBM faculty member (optional). Unsolicited applications are also eligible.
  • 2-5 names of UBM professors working in the field of the applicant or on similar projects. It is not necessary to contact these colleagues before submitting the application.
  • Scanned copy of ID or passport.
  • sworn statement that you are not simultaneously employed elsewhere in France (see the last page of this document).
  • A certificate from the candidate’s home institution authenticating her/his academic affiliation.

Evaluation process

  • The International Realtions Office (IRO) will send all the applications to the Directors of the faculties, the research units, the Doctoral school as well as to the Direction of research.
  • The IRO will indicate which applications each component is most likely to be directly concerned by and will also provide information on historical, strategic or emerging partnerships, as well as an evaluation of the impact of the project, its connection with the international policy of Bordeaux Montaigne University and the viability of the partnership.
  • The components will only evaluate the applications that concerns them directly, considering the candidates' background, as well as the quality of their scientific project and its connection with the institution's scientific policy. They will also be free to take into consideration, if they so wish, the elements concerning the possible contribution of the candidatures to the international policy of the institution.
  • The components will have to propose a referent from Bordeaux Montaigne University who will ensure the support of the candidates who have submitted spontaneous applications. They will also have to identify professors, researchers and doctoral students who would be interested in the candidates' profile.
  • The ranking will be submitted to the vote of the Administration Board of the University.
  • The selected candidatures will then be administered by the IRO and the Department of Human Resources. The candidates will be informed directly by e-mail of the result of their application.

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