Aichi Smart Sustainable City Co-Creation Challenge 2022

#ICMG together with Aichi Prefectural Government is organizing the YAGAMI Co., Ltd call for applications that aims to build a sustainable healthcare system in Aichi that comprehensively supports wholistic healthcare for the people.


ICMG together with Aichi Prefectural Government is organizing the YAGAMI Co., Ltd call for applications that aims to build a sustainable healthcare system in Aichi that comprehensively supports wholistic healthcare for the people. It hopes to create a more essential and comprehensive futuristic healthcare system from the following three points.
  1. Individual:Provide solutions that can support self-medication (prevention), maintain and strengthen health and physical functions (e.g., provide rehabilitation programs), and individually manage chronic diseases through digital consultation and medical support at home.
  2. Organization: Provide a solution that visualizes and improves the health and vitality of the organization through the monitoring and enhancement of all individuals’ well-being within the organization. We would also like to provide solutions that contribute to healthcare providers such as reducing workloads and solving human resource shortages.
  3. Community: provide solutions for citizens to have health care access services at any time through collaboration among local stakeholders such as medical institutions, caregiving facilities, local governments, and companies.
Check out more details on the challenge here. If you have any questions, please email us at and we will get back to you.
What's in it for the applicants?
  • Technology expertise: Consideration for conducting a demonstration experiment
  • Network: Strong network with medical institutions, medical equipment manufacturers, research institutions, etc. (approx. 1,200 hospitals, approx. 1,100 clinics, approx. 700 medical equipment manufacturers). YAGAMI can connect you with the right people in the field through its strong ecosystem.
  • Human resources: YAGAMI provides one-stop services from sales to logistics, and maintenance functions for prevention, medical care, and nursing care.
  • Connection to users: Connection to end-users through nursing services and medical equipment rental services operated by companies in the network. YAGAMI supports commercialization and dissemination of various products and services with our expertise in their implementation.
  • Finance: CVC specializing in the healthcare. The YAGAMI Healthcare Fund will be implemented to promote business expansion in the healthcare field.