Call for project proposals from South Caucasus

The South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation received 71 applications from all over the South Caucasus in frames of the call for proposals to seek partnership with the Foundation in the year of 2014. The Foundation will deal with the documents received and will get back to only shortlisted applicants in the begining of August.

* The proposals shall be accepted for 2014 program period.

South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation announces a call for the initiatives of grant seeker organizations, initiative groups or individuals from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia who will respond to the following topics:
1. Urban development;
2. Environmental protection and sustainable development;
3. Renewable energy;
4. Gender democracy;
5. Democratic political culture and civil activity;
6. Rethinking the Soviet past;
7. Peaceful transformation of conflicts and supporting the dialogue in South Caucasus.

South Caucasus Regional Office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation supports the following educational activities:

  • Civil education and strengthening;
  • Inclusion of marginal and vulnerable groups into the society;
  • Support of the social, environmental and economic principles of justness;
  • Reflection of the principles of gender democracy and equality in different spheres of public life.

In the framework of the topic “Urban development, environmental protection and sustainable development”, the HBF will give the priority to the proposals which promote and encourage civil activities in the following directions:

  • Protection of cultural and natural heritage;
  • Humanitarian and social aspects of urban development;
  • Enhancing eco-awareness;
  • Diversification of energy   policy  (renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmentally friendly energy  products and seeking alternative energy sources);
  • Undertaking social responsibility for economic and energy policy.

In the frameworks of the topic “Gender Democracy” the HBF will give priority to the proposals which promote and encourage civil actions in the following directions:

  • Participation of women in various social and cultural groups and support the principle of representation;
  • Supporting transformation of social norms impeding men’s and women’s equal participation and representation principles;
  • Supporting the reflection and firm establishment of gender equality on the agenda of democratic policy;
  • Supporting the adequate social environment for LGBTIQ community and equality.

In the frameworks of the topic “Democratic political culture and civil participation” the HBF will give priority to the proposals which promote and encourage the civil actions in the following directions:

  • Support of civil rights;
  • Establishment and expansion of critical civil discourse;
  • Support  the culture of co-participation and solidarity.

In the frameworks of the topic “Rethinking the past and peaceful transformation of conflicts” the HBF will give priority to the proposals which promote and encourage civil actions in the following directions:

  • Initiation and formation of public discussion space;
  • Support discussions and communication between “Opposing Public Opinion” actors;
  • Support scientific and literary publications promoting information sharing and diminishing alienation between parties.

Terms and conditions of application to the HBF for its support:

1. Project proposal (according to the HBF application and budget form) should not exceed 14 pages ((1 page= 1800 characters without spaces) and should be submitted in Georgian, Russian or English languages. It should reflect and cover the applicant’s (organization, initiative group, individual) experience, aims (not more than 1 page), the problem and the ways of project implementation (including detailed budget calculations). The applicant organizations are also required to  attach to the project proposal the short report describing their activities in the last two years (list of implemented projects, their short description and budgets with the indication of donors).

2.  It is necessary to indicate the thematic field of the Foundation on the  title page  of the  project proposal , the title  of the project/initiative, the projected budget and applicant’s full requisites:

  • In the case of organization – its official name, legal status, registration number and the date of its foundation;
  • In the case of the initiative group – the title page should contain the name of the “Initiative group”, the mission statement of the group and Group members’ CVs   attached to the project proposal;
  • In the case of an individual – the applicant’s personal data (name, date of birth, occupation, home and work address) and applicant’s CV attached to the project proposal.  

Project proposal must be sent to the address by 7 June 2013 (Friday, 17:00)

3. A short portfolio of the applicant’s profile must be attached to the project proposal including the date of   founding of the organization, mission, activities, achievements, social representation (who the applicant represents and supports).

4. Project proposal should justify the expediency of the project and reflect its social and political context, relevant data (statistics, research conclusions, etc.), desirable results and the impact of the project.

5. The applicant should clearly state the project aims and easily measurable objectives.

6. The working plan should cover the complete and clear information on the following: target group(s), activities and objectives to be implemented, schedule, human resources (description of the functions and certificates of qualifications of the project implementers).

If the project is implemented in cooperation with other organizations, it should indicate the necessity and the reason of such partnership, the previous experience of cooperation with the partner, the roles of each party of the project and the corresponding budget distribution between partners.

7. Evaluation: Methods of evaluating and measuring success, projected outcome and human resources (the evaluator).

8. The project budget must be calculated and presented in Euro-currency – max. Euro 25,000 (the budget of the current year of the applicant organization should be indicated in a separate column).

9. Project should be implemented in 2014. Duration of the project should not exceed 10 months and project should be ended before 1 December, 2014. 

10. Timeline of project consideration:

  • Project proposal – 7 June - 31 July, 2013
  • Final answer – 5 August, 2013

The HBF gives the priority to the cooperation with organizations, initiative groups and individuals who share Green Political values. 
The applicants must not be involved in any commercial activities.

The HBF does not support or make any financial contribution to:

  • Large purchases (property, infrastructure, technological equipment);
  • Schools and current educational programs;
  • Current programs and activities supported by other donors.