The Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation - Grants to NGOs Worldwide

Deadline: 1 July 2014
Open to: organizations located in developing countries or to developed country organizations whose activities are of direct and immediate benefit to developing countries. 
Grant: USD $15 thousand - $30 thousand 


The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations worldwide for projects in conservation, sustainable agriculture, and health in developing countries.   The deadlines for concept applications are 01 January and 01 July of each year. 

Incorporated in 1985, the Conservation, Food and Health Foundation seeks to promote the conservation of natural resources, improve the production and distribution of food, and improve health in the developing world. The foundation helps build capacity within developing countries in its three areas of interest with grants that support research or projects that solve specific problems.

The foundation supports projects that demonstrate strong local leadership, promote professional development in the conservation, agricultural, and health sciences; develop the capacity of local organizations; and address a particular problem in the field. It prefers to support projects addressing under-funded issues and geographic areas.


Most grants range from US$15 thousand to US$30 thousand for projects of one year.

  • Most grants are made on a one-time basis.
  • There is no policy concerning a minimum or maximum grant size. The average grant is approximately $17,000. Grants exceeding $25,000 are rarely awarded.
  • The foundation will not consider more than one proposal from an organization in any calendar year and will not fund an organization more than once in a funding year.
  • The foundation will not fund overhead or indirect costs of projects.
  • The foundation is very willing to cooperate with other funding sources with compatible interests to support a joint project or to provide matching funds. From time to time the foundation may also set matching requirements for grantees, particularly in cases where the foundation cannot provide full funding for the project.
  • The political beliefs of the applicants or the political relations of any state with the United States shall not be taken into account in making or not making any grant, except that the foundation will comply with any requirements imposed by law.
  • Grantees are expected to meet the foundation’s reporting requirements within one year of the previous proposal application. Returning applicants should submit an interim report with all copies of the proposal for renewal. A report outline will be sent with the initial grant letter. Reporting requirements are designed to maintain a reasonable balance between obtaining sufficient information for the foundation to assess expenditures, accomplishments and difficulties and avoiding burdensome work for grantees.


Ordinarily the foundation limits its support to those organizations that have received a letter of determination of tax exemption under Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and are “not a private foundation” under section 509(a).  However, the directors wish to remain open to the possibility of supporting certain equivalents, such as a domestic or foreign governmental unit or agency, or nongovernmental, foreign organization determined to be the equivalent of a 501(c)(3) organization, which can provide secure evidence of its nongovernmental status and charitable purpose. The foundation’s geographic focus is the developing world. It prefers to support organizations located in developing countries or to developed country organizations whose activities are of direct and immediate benefit to developing countries.  The foundation does not consider the states of the former Soviet Union or former Eastern Bloc countries as within its geographic focus. The Conservation, Food & Health Foundation supports special projects and programs of non governmental organizations in three primary fields of interest: conservation, food, and health. Examples of areas of interest within these fields follow, but are not meant to be exclusive.


Concept applications must be submitted by January 1 and July 1 in order to be reviewed for the foundation’s May and November meetings. In the case of a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the next business day.  Applicants will be informed of the foundation’s decision regarding the concept application within 30 days of the concept deadline. This schedule is designed to give each invited applicant adequate time to prepare the full proposal if invited by the trustees. Applicants should submit only one application per review cycle.

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