Call for Applications:African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) 2020


Deadline: 9 March 2020


Is your organization an African feminist/ women’s rights organization with cutting edge ideas for advancing women’s rights and creating systemic change? Is your organization led and majority staffed by women, and registered on the African continent? If yes, then you can apply for the African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) call for applications in any of the three thematic areas listed below:

    • Defending women’s economic rights and justice including mobilizing women in rural contexts, urban economies, and/or in non-traditional work
    • Building ideas and models around women’s economic futures
    • Defending women’s land, property and inheritance rights
    • Securing women’s housing rights, particularly in the context of urbanization
    • Advancing climate and environmental justice.
    • Ending violence against women in all forms through prevention and/or response.
    • Advancing the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls,
    • Including on issues of sexual orientation, reproductive choice
    • Promoting women’s emotional well-being and mental health
    • Prevention and management of issues around women and HIV/AIDS
    • Building awareness and feminist responses to the rise of non-communicable diseases (including cancers, diseases of lifestyle and nutrition)
    • Promoting women’s leadership, meaningful participation in decision making
    • Including building feminist leadership for social, political and economic change
    • Advancing diverse women’s participation in governance and decision-making at all levels
    • Defending democratic operating space for women’s rights organizations and defenders
    • Promoting women’s human security and peace in all contexts

AWDF is particularly interested in projects working with young women, women facing multiple discrimination, and approaches that include engaging the arts, culture, sports, and technology.

AWDF is looking for innovative and effective projects that address the needs of and involve the women and communities most affected by inequality and injustice in the leadership and implementation of projects.

The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is a grant-making foundation that supports local, national and regional organizations working towards the empowerment of African women and the achievement of gender equality on the continent. The vision of AWDF is for women to live in a world where there is social justice, equality, and respect for women’s human rights. To this end, their mission is to mobilize and disburse financial, human and material resources to support positive transformation in Africa. They believe that If women are empowered with skills, information, sustainable livelihoods, opportunities to fulfill their potential, plus the capacity and space to make transformative choices, then they will have vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities.


The basic qualifying criteria for applying organizations are as follows:

  • Must be led by a woman and have the majority of its staff and board being women
  • Must be duly registered in an African country
  • Must have been in existence for at least 3 years
  • Must have the needed organizational structures for effective implementation of the project
  • Must have an appreciable financial management system to properly account for funds received
  • Must be capable of reporting back on the outcomes of the project
  • Must complete the necessary application forms

Please note that AWDF does NOT fund men-led organizations; political parties or campaigning; government agencies; individuals; scholarships; for-profit initiatives and projects aimed at religious conversion or proselytizing.


Grants disbursed will be in the range of $5,000 to $30.000.


Application link is HERE

For more information WEBSITE