Call for FLC Project proposals (2021-2022) in Kazakhstan

The Embassy of Finland in Kazakhstan is seeking proposals for projects that it will fund through the Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) instrument in 2021-2022. The funding is meant to support projects by local civil society organizations. The FLC complements bilateral development cooperation projects of Finland in Kazakhstan. Deadline for submission: 31.08.2021.

As a development policy instrument, the FLC supports the goals and principles of the Finnish development policy and priority areas. The latter are:

  • Rights and status of women and girls
  • The growth of developing countries' economies to generate more jobs, livelihoods and well-being
  • Democratic and better functioning societies
  • Food security, access to water and energy, as well as sustainable use of natural resources.

The Embassy of Finland in Kazakhstan is seeking to contribute to the two following outcomes with its FLC Programme:

  • Project 1: Climate change, sustainable use of natural resources and green growth.
  • Project 2: Education, democracy, functioning societies (including digital services).

2 projects will be financed in 2021 with an approximate budget of €25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand Euro) each, totaling not more than €50,000 (Fifty Thousand Euros) combined.  


Projects are funded for the duration of  years 2021-2022. The projects must start before the end of the year of 2021.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Local, registered, national or community-based organization (non-governmental and not-for-profit) with the preference to projects outside Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

Funds cannot be directed to individuals, families, political parties or charity events. The FLC does not fund education grants either.

FLC Funding Cannot Be Granted:

  • To Finnish Non-Governmental Organisations (separate applications through the MFA unit in question)
  • For projects of friendship associations in Finland (separate applications through the MFA unit in question)
  • To Finnish Government agencies or public bodies (separate applications through the ICI instrument)
  • To Finnish municipalities (separate applications through the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities)
  • To Finnish businesses
  • To the Government, ministries or municipalities of the host country
  • To an unregistered association or organisation (however, taking into consideration the special circumstances in the host country)
  • To support the activities of a political party
  • For basic research
  • For single cultural events (that have no permanent development impact)
  • For charity
  • For humanitarian aid
  • In the form of a grant, scholarship or assistance for the applicant’s personal use;
  • For purchasing land
  • To a Fund
  • For building the capital of microcredit systems (however, development projects and training are possible)

Core Financing

The FLC projects are, as a rule, not meant to cover the core expenditure of the partner organization. The Project Plan and budget may include two kinds of "general" expenditure items: staff training and the direct costs related to the strategic planning of the organisation.  An FLC organization can use max 10 % for administration. Administration should have its own budget line so that it is clear what costs can be included in it. The project budget may include expenditure on financial management and reporting which are marked as tasks of specific persons.

Selection Criteria

Project selection will be based on the following selection criteria:

  • Alignment with Finland’s development policy(Link to another website.) and the above FLC 2021 thematic areas.
  • Project outputs are clearly defined, with indicators, baseline data and risk management.
  • Project activities are relevant, realistic and contribute to the desired outputs.
  • Project budget is in line with the activities.
  • Experience and management capabilities of the applicant.

How to apply?

The deadline for submitting applications within this round of call for proposals is 31.08. 2021. Late applications will not be accepted. The application should include the attached Application Form duly filled in. The applications must be signed, stamped and dated.

FLC committee at the Embassy will evaluate the applications. Shortlisted applicants may be requested to provide additional information, including budget details. The evaluation process may take up to a approximately month after a deadline. After that, a decision will be communicated to all applicants.

The applications may be sent

  • By post to the office address:  Embassy of Finland, Kazakhstan, Nur-sultan, Samal 12 Business Center Astana Tower, 17th floor;
  • Or Hand delivered to the Embassy;
  • Or sent by email to and

Please note that email applications without scanned signed and stamped documents will not be accepted.

For further clarifications, applicants may contact the Embassy through Mr. Darkhan Kussainov by email: and

Attachments: FLC Application Form

Further information