Unique Opportunity for Senior Students

«SİP» MMC provides a unique opportunity for senior students of universities to pass the student practice in a team of professionals in the field of IT technology.

The selection of candidates will be made by means of practical tests and interviews.

Send your CV's to challenge@sip.az


Main Requirements

• Students of 3-4 year

• A wish to have work experience in IT sphere

• Azeri + English or Russian Languages


Front End Programmer

• HTML5 / CSS working expreince;

• cross-browser layout;

• JavaScript;

• GIT;

• IDE;


Extra Skills:

• Sencha Ext JS

• Webix

• Node.js

• LESS and SASS understanding;

• MVC;


• jQuery, Prototip JS;


Back End Programimst Requirements

• Linux or Unix systems (OpenSUSE, Ubuntu, CentOS, FreeBSD ...) work experience;

• Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP (knowing at least one of these lanugages)

• (MariaDB, or PostgreSQL) database server work experience

• GIT;

• IDE;


Extra Skills:

• (Oracle, SQL server) experience working in database server;

• Messaging Manager (RabbitMQ, Apache ActiveMQ) work experience

• MVC;


• ORM;

• (Mojolicious, catalizator, Django, about Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework, Symfony) work expierence with at least one of these frameworlds ;


FullStack Programmer requirements (one of the two)

• Java Web Stack: JSF + PrimeFaces



Practice in our company - it's a great chance to gain practical experience, consolidate the theoretical training, the development of professional skills and abilities.