“Fashion Design and Ready Made Garments” Internship Training Program in Washington, DC

Deadline:  2 June 2017
Open to:  participants from Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Central Asia
Venue: 5– 23 August 2017, Washington, DC.


The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Special American Business Internship Training Program (SABIT) has established a program to train up to 18 specialists from the Eurasian fashion sector. SABIT has successfully trained over 6,000 executives and scientists from Eurasia, South Asia, Northern Ireland, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. SABIT provides trainees the opportunity to become familiar with a U.S. industry sector and its regulations, make contacts to establish valuable business relationships, learn about innovative technologies, equipment, and services, and understand market-based business concepts. 

The program will be up to three weeks in length, beginning with one week of training which may include sessions on regulations, labor, legislation, standards, certification, business plan development, cross-cultural negotiations and management for both associations and global business. This will be complemented by site visits and meetings with fashion experts as well as a visit to the MAGIC trade show. Applicants for this SABIT program must be in positions of significant decision-making responsibility in their employing organizations and have several years of industry experience to be considered for participation. The program will be conducted in English with a simultaneous translation into Russian. Participants must be fluent in either English or Russian!


The program is opened for participants from Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Central Asia.


SABIT covers expenses related to travel from Kyiv or Istanbul to Washington and back,  accommodation, medical insurance and 350 USD stipendium for the whole period. Successful candidates should cover visa fee and meal expenses.


Applicants are screened and selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce based on their professional and educational achievements and experience in specific industrial sectors. SABIT will make final determinations regarding the applicants are selected for training.  Those who are selected will be notified by the SABIT coordinators in Moscow or Kyiv. Knowledge of English is helpful but not necessary – two simultaneous interpreters will provide interpretation into Russian. Selected candidates should prepare a short presentation about their company prior to coming on the program.

Applicants from Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan and Georgia, please send the complete set of documents (application and recommendation letter in English and Russian), preferably in one .pdf file, by email to the SABIT Program Coordinator in Kyiv, Nataliia Shknyeyeva, at Nataliia.Shknyeyeva@trade.gov

Applicants from Russia and Central Asia, please send the complete set of documents (application and recommendation letter in English and Russian), preferably in one .pdf file, by email to the SABIT Program Coordinator in Moscow, Irina Podsushnaya, at Irina.Podsushnaya@trade.gov

If you do not receive receipt confirmation of your documents, please check with your regional coordinator.

  • The Application should be completed electronically.  All questions should include the answer in Russian with an English translation.  Answer all of the questions. If you don’t have an answer to a question, please write N/A (Not Applicable).  Phone numbers should include the country code, city code and the telephone number. 
  • Please provide a recommendation letter in English and Russian.  The letter should be on company letterhead from your supervisor.  It should include a description of your present duties, and permission to participate on the program and should list the dates: August 5-23, 2017. It must be signed. 
  •  All of the documents (application form and the recommendation letter in English and Russian) should be emailed preferably in ONE .pdf file. 
  • Be sure to list a phone number and e-mail address that you check regularly. If we cannot contact you by telephone or e-mail, you may not be chosen for an interview or a spot on the program. Please let the regional program coordinator know if you anticipate any difficulties that may interfere with program staff contacting you.
  • There are no fees of any kind associated with this application.  There is no cost for applying, processing the application, or being selected to participate in the program. 
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: SABIT alumni are not eligible to apply again.

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