Scientific Innovations Intern in Singapore

The Job Description is open as we have 6 companies and various positions in different industries and fields. We would like to know what you are interested in to fit you in appropriately.


As a quick background, Scientific Innovations is a “start-up studio”, designed to test ideas, build products and validate them and once past technical/product/market validation, spin them off as new companies. We do this with both technology and business models and over the last 3 years have spun off 6 companies (2 in food, 2 in healthcare, 2 in cosmetics). More details on our website (

Please also indicate in your CV a one-liner or two on what are your areas of interest that you would like to explore with Scientific Innovations. 

Interested students from LKY School can send a comprehensive cover letter and CV (in a single file) and apply through LKY School Career Services at