Vacancy for Technician for PVREX Group in Barcelona, Spain


Deadline: 10 april 2020 at 17:00 CET

Venue: ISGlobal - Campus Can Ruti


The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) is a cutting-edge institute addressing global public health challenges through research, translation into policy and education. ISGlobal has a broad portfolio in communicable and non-communicable diseases including environmental and climate determinants, and applies a multidisciplinary scientific approach ranging from the molecular to the population level. Research is organized in three main areas, Malaria and other Infectious Diseases, Child and Maternal Health, and Urban Health, Climate & Non-Communicable Diseases.  ISGlobal is accredited with the Severo Ochoa distinction, a seal of excellence of the Spanish Science Ministry.


What We Are Looking for

ISGlobal is looking for a highly motivated technical researcher to help in different tasks related to the research lines developed in the Plasmodium vivax and exosome research group (PVREX).

Main duties and tasks

  • Check quality and integrity of RNA isolated from samples of P. vivax infected-patients.
  • Validation by real-time RT-PCR of human and parasite transcripts up or down regulated during vivax infection.
  • Cloning and sequencing of parasite genes.
  • Generation of P. falciparum transgenic lines suing the CRISPR-CAS9 technology.

Secondary tasks

  • Create a database with all the samples processed and sequenced.

Training and experience

  • Experience in work with P. vivax RNA samples and RT-PCR.


  • Bioinformatics knowledge to analyse sequences.


  •  Good level of English.


- Duration: 4 months. 
- Part time contract (50%).
- Starting date: 01/04/2020.

How to apply

Applicants must fill in the request form and attach the CV and a cover letter, including the following reference: “Technician_ PVREX _Mar20”. Each document must include the candidate name and surname.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
If you have question, please send your query to