Vacancy for DevOps Engineer in Baku, Azerbaijan







  • Works closely with developers of various teams to assess existing problems and to come up with process improvement solutions;
  • Identifies bottlenecks in coding development and deployment processes;
  • Participates in planning delivery time, code​ quality, and process efficiency improvement projects;
  • Executes on plan by building coding standardizations and automating processes for the organization;
  • Performs daily tasks such as environmental health checks, disk space monitoring, and environmental status reports;
  • Maintains and grows knowledge of platform configuration management and troubleshooting;
  • Actively participates in deploying application artifacts to appropriate target environments using the supported technologies and infrastructure;
  • Surveys developers and technical members of the organization to understand their main pain points in the coding and development process;
  • Collaborates with the rest of DevOps team to deliver consistent and holistic solution to the organization. 


  • Experience as a DevOps or
  • SRE Engineer on a cross-functional agile team preferred 

Key skills

  • Excellent coding and scripting skills (Bash, Perl, Python etc.) and experience with implementing high-scale cloud architectures using modern, cloud-based container platforms (PaaS/SaaS)

Domain expertise

  • Working knowledge of deployment automation solutions (i.e.

Puppet, Ansible);

  • Experience with containerization such as Docker, Kubernetes;
  • Experience with continuous integration and related tools such

as Git, Gradle, Jenkins, Sonar;

  • Experience with monitoring tools like Zabbix, Nagios. 

Required mindsets and behaviors 

  • Strong communication skills with ability to communicate complex technical concepts and align organization on decisions;
  • Sound problem-solving skills with the ability to quickly process complex information and present it clearly and simply;
  • Utilizes team collaboration to create innovative solutions efficiently;
  • Passionate about technology and excited about the impact of emerging/disruptive technologies;
  • Wants to unleash inner self-starter and work in an environment that fosters entrepreneurial minds;
  • Believes in culture of brutal transparency and trust;
  • Open to learning new ideas outside scope or knowledge.


If you feel positively about the above statements, send your CV to with “DevOps Engineer” in the subject field.