The EU-Funded Twinning Project has 2 Vacancies

The EU-funded twinning project: “Increasing Road Safety in Azerbaijan” is seeking to recruit:
1. Assistant to the Resident Twinning Advisor
2. Full-time translator/interpreter


The EU-funded twinning Project: “Increasing Road Safety in Azerbaijan” is seeking to recruit:

1. Full-time Assistant to the RTA (Resident Twinning Advisor)


2. Full-time translator / interpreter  


The Overall Objective of the Project is to contribute to the reduction of road crashes, especially ones resulting in death or severe health injuries and socio-economic damage. The Specific Objective of the Project is to improve legal and institutional capacities and staff competences of lead and participating public agencies and other stakeholders to better manage, coordinate and address traffic safety issues in Azerbaijan.

Duration: 23 months (indicative date: from 1 of November 2022 until 4 of October 2024).

More information about the vacancies is available from the Job Profiles above.