Master’s Degree Program in Health Economics & Health Care Management , Germany

Deadline: 15 January (summer semester) , 15th July (winter semester) 
Open to: Applicants with a German degree & Applicants with a foreign degree
Scholarship: There are no tuition fees, and several scholarships and grants are available. 




The Master in Health Economics & Health Care Management is a two-year academic program. It delivers a comprehensive graduate education for those interested in working in the health sector and related fields. It provides high-quality training in all aspects of health and health care economics. Courses are taught in English and  German. The “GÖMIG” Master’s degree equips students with strong analytical skills in the areas of health economics and health care management. In addition, they can choose elective courses and seminars according to their own interests and experiences. In this way they gain advanced skills in focused areas of the health care sectors. 

Mandatory Courses 
• Health Economics 
• Health Care Management 
• Social Insurance and Taxation 
• Statistics and Econometrics 
• Accounting and Controlling 
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Career Opportunities 
Graduates with the GÖMIG Master’s degree are: 
• managers in pharmaceutical companies, health departments, private health facilities or government and development agencies, 
• analysts in public and private sectors 
• consultants in health insurance companies and in areas related to health policy. 
Other possible career developments include: 
• doctoral studies leading to positions in science and research, for instance in government departments, universities, national and international health care organizations. 
Admission Requirements 
In order to be admitted to the selection procedure, applicants must hold an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree with at least 48 credits (ECTS) earned in economic areas. 
They must provide: 
• Certified copies of Abitur or secondary school diploma (or equivalent document qualifying for university entrance) and undergraduate/bachelor's degree stating exams and grades achieved, 
• Certificate of German proficiency if required. 
Application Procedure 

There are no tuition fees, and several scholarships and grants are available. 

Study Location 
The University of Duisburg-Essen is a modern university with approximately 37,000 students. It has two campuses – one in Duisburg and one in Essen. The GÖMIG Master’s degree program is based entirely in Essen.


Essen offers one of the leading research environments for health economics in Germany. There are two Chairs in Health Economics and one in Health Care Management at the university. In addition, CINCH – a National Centre for research in health economics sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research – is in Essen. 

Essen also hosts RWI, one of Germany’s leading economics research institutes, which includes a department devoted to research in health economics. Finally, Essen is home to the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics, a doctoral program that attracts top graduates from across Europe. 


Deadlines for applications: 
• 15th January (summer semester) 
• 15th July (winter semester) 


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Contact and Further Information 
Professor Martin Karlsson 
University of Duisburg-Essen 
Faculty of Business Administration and Economics 
Chair of Health Economics 
Schützenbahn, 70 
D - 45127 Essen (Germany)  
Tel.: +49 (0)201 183 3351