International Master of Arts Degree Programs in Saint Petersburg, Russia

The European University at Saint Petersburg (EUSP) is pleased to announce its call for applications for its one-year International Master of Arts Degree Programs in the field of Russian and Eurasian Studies.

EUSP is a top graduate school in the social sciences and humanities in Russia and the only one with one-year permanent postgraduate degree programs in Eurasian Studies in English. We pride ourselves on being the most international of Russian universities and the most Russian of international universities. We offer three MA degree programs in Russian and Eurasian Studies with concentrations in social sciences (politics, history and sociology), energy affairs, and cultural history and the arts.

EUSP is committed to providing high quality academic programs and personal attention for every student. Promoting the personal growth and intellectual development of our students is our first priority. EUSP’s student to faculty ratio is 3:1.

In the 2014/15 academic year, students from Azerbaijan, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and the USA, are enjoying the international atmosphere of our campus in the heart of St. Petersburg - the cultural capital of Russia. We welcome applications from all over the world to enrich and nurture this atmosphere.


Please select from the following programs:


   IMARES: International MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies

   1-year (60 credits) MA program in the politics, economy, society, and history of Russia and neighboring Eurasian countries.


  ENERPO: Energy Politics in Eurasia

  1-year (60 credits) MA program in energy politics in Eurasia with concentrations on political science, security studies, and political economy, complemented by first-hand expertise in the energy sector.


  MARCA: International MA in Russian Cultural History and Arts

  1-year (60 credits) MA program in Russian cultural history combining studies of literature, arts, society, and religion.

The language of instruction is English. All programs include an optional Russian Language course.

You may also choose a non-degree study option for one or two semesters. If you choose this option, you will receive a certificate of education from EUSP.



Tuition varies from 6,100 USD to 8,600 USD per semester depending on the program. An academic year consists of two semesters.

Our admissions officers will assist you in finding a national or international scholarship to help you fund your studies.


Federal Aid for US students:

EUSP is recognized by the US Department of Education and US students can receive Direct Federal Loans for their studies in our programs.


When the program starts:

Each of our International Programs (IMARES, MARCA, and ENERPO) starts twice a year. The fall semester starts at the beginning of September. The spring semester starts at the beginning of February. You may choose whichever starting point you prefer.


Application deadlines:

April 30, 2015 to start in September 2015

October 31, 2015 to start in February 2016

We accept students on a rolling basis, so early admission is possible.


How to apply:

Your application should include:

  • A completed application form
  • Your statement of purpose (not more than 500 words)
  • Two letters of recommendation from academics who are closely acquainted with your academic work
  • Certified transcripts of previous undergraduate and graduate studies, with grade-point averages
  • Your Curriculum Vitae / Resume

To submit an application, simply send the documents listed above, including a scanned transcript of studies, by e-mail to Please ask your referees to e-mail their recommendation letters directly to the same address.

The European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP) was founded in 1994, making it the first private graduate school in Russia. The mission of the University is to facilitate the professional development of highly-qualified specialists, and enable those specialists to fulfil their creative and scholarly potential on the basis of international experience and cooperation. EUSP is committed to the integration of Russian scholarship with scholarship in Europe, America and Asia.