Call for Applications: Welcome (UK Government) Master’s Fellowships


Deadline: 22 April 2020


This Welcome UK Scholarship scheme offers nationals of low- and middle-income countries the opportunity to receive training at the Master’s degree level.

An International Master’s Fellowship is for 30 months unless you want to hold it on a part-time basis.

The first 12 months should be dedicated to doing a taught Master of Science (MSc) course at a recognized center of excellence anywhere in the world.

The following 18 months is for your research project at an eligible organization in a low- or middle-income country.

An award of £120,000 provides support for:

    • If your taught course or training is in the UK, you can use £16,000 a year (outside London) or £18,000 a year (in London) to cover the cost of your stipend. If your course or training is outside the UK, you should check living costs with your prospective training organization.
    • travel costs (eg outward and return airfares)
    • approved tuition fees, according to the rate charged by the training organization
    • If you have to move to take up the post at your host organization, you can use up to £1,000 to pay for these costs.

Salary coverage during master’s degree:

You can only receive one salary. If you already have a salary, your host organization may use it to pay the person who replaces you.

We will fund the total cost of your salary for the full 30 months of the grant.

You should ask your host organization to calculate your salary. It should reflect the skills, responsibilities and expertise needed to carry out the role, and include:

  • your basic salary
  • employer’s contributions, including any statutory obligations (eg National Insurance contributions if you’re based in the UK) and pension scheme costs
  • any incremental progression up the salary scale
  • locally recognized allowances such as the London allowance.

For Year 1 include any known pay awards for this period or an assumed percentage equivalent to our current inflation rate of 2.0% if this hasn’t been confirmed. Your salary should automatically increase from Year 2 onwards, based on our current inflation allowance rates.


You can apply for an International Master’s Fellowship if:

You must:

  • hold a clinical or non-clinical undergraduate degree in a relevant subject
  • be at an early stage in your career with limited research experience (but you must have demonstrated interest in, or aptitude for, research).

Your research proposal

Your research proposal should be within our science remit and focus on a health priority in a low- or middle-income country.

When they consider your application, we’ll look at them:

  • quality and importance of your research question(s)
  • feasibility of your approach to solving these problems
  • suitability of your choice of research environments
  • suitability of the taught Master of Science (MSc) course you select – it should take place at a recognized center of excellence and provide you with training that will complement your research project.

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