Yasar University is starting the new academic year with educational innovations

Yasar University, located in Izmir,Turkey offers an exciting opportunity for international students who are looking for a fulfilling academic experience.

Professors from prestigious universities; MIT, University of Oxford, Berkley, Essex, Manchester, Iowa, Ontaria and more have joined Yasar University for the upcoming academic year. Yasar University enhanced its educational investment by opening new programs as well. Animation undergraduate program within the Faculty of Art and Design is one of the new programs which the university will start to intake new students for the 2013 Fall Semester.

Yasar Univeristy Rector Prof. Dr. Murat Barkan has remarked that one of the animation producers for the Hollywood Oscar winner movie “Avatar,” is planned to join the academic staff for the new department. Barkan stated that, “In order to Izmir have a future like Holywood, we are opening Department of Animation. We are serving according to the needs of Izmir. International film producers are looking for platforms different than Hollywood or Italy to shoot movies. Accordingly, we are putting into service Yasar University Animation undergraduate program.”