The interest is going to increase to the web conference which will be held in Baku

As informed before, as a result of collective cooperation of organizers from Azerbaijan and Georgia, there will be held international web conference on the topic of web technologies on 6-7 July, 2013.

By this purpose, the meeting has been held with the organizational team of the conference on 25 June at Khazar University. It has informed that conference is held by “UG-Group” of Georgian University and educational portal of Azerbaijan “Ilk Addımlar” (“ First Steps”)

The proper instructions about deals which will be done by Azerbaijan have given to meeting participants and  division of work has carried out.

It has noted that the goal of implementing this conference is to help to the local experts for passing their own experience to young programmers and to broaden the information exchange.

According to the information given by Organization Committee, since the date of declaration of conference it has attracted attention and more half of the tickets have been sold.

The official representatives of infinitely famous companies such as Facebook,Yandex, Oracle, Microsoft, Softline, ITDC will take part in the conference which has been treating indifferently by local companies and official agencies of Azerbaijan. The main objective of conference is to build new connections, to boost local experts’ work quality, to stand out the active participants of Caucasus region in the area of web development on world and to provide the integration of Azerbaijan to the world in the sphere of ICT.


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