"My Company My Startup" Business Educational Project


My Company My Startup is a business educational project powered by AIESEC in Azerbaijan that aims to create a generation of young entrepreneurs at local and international levels. The project idea is to give teams of Azerbaijani talented business students an opportunity to write their entrepreneurial business plan and get it organized with AIESEC offices in different countries all around the world. Within 6-8 weeks’ internship program, they will organize trainings in various spheres such as entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, HR, organizational development, and similar fields. Last week of internship will be dedicated to the organization of business case competition and participants will choose the best startup idea among the local audience. Project timeline: http://bit.ly/2h0CXFD


The project was successfully realized in 3 countries in 2012, 2014 and 2015 in Sri-Lanka, South African Republic and Mexico respectively by 8  Azerbaijani youth and students. Projects fields were Hotel Industry, Project Management and SME. Now, AIESEC in Azerbaijan launched My Company My Startup in a bigger scale and capacity.


Main objectives:

To give an opportunity for talented young people to become confident and practiced in order to launch their own startups.

 To create a strong local and international network of talented young people.

Our Mission:

To shape a generation of young entrepreneurs.


  1. International and local network of young talented business people,
  2. Mentoring which will be provided by corporate trainers,
  3. Strong network of local and international students,
  4. International team work (your team may be composed not only by local youth but also internationals),
  5. As Project Manager, you will get valuable leadership and team management skills,
  6. An opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge into practice,
  7. Cross-cultural exchange,
  8. Representation of Azerbaijan in different countries,
  9. Certificate upon completion of the internship.

Requirements for the candidate:


All young people in age range of 18-30, with good command of English and willingness to be a part of this project are eligible to apply. Background in such spheres as Business, Finance, HR, Engineering, Computer Science is an asset.

Length of the project:


Project will last from 6 to 8 weeks.

Project realization period is June, July, August 2017.




You cover participation fee for 200AZN and travel costs. You will get a discount for the insurance via Vizam.az. Accommodation and meal will be provided by AIESEC host country.


How to apply:


Fill an application form on http://mystartup.az/apply.


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