The Cheapest and Most Expensive Countries to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great way for students to step outside their comfort zones and experience unfamiliar ways of life. It’s becoming increasingly popular with students around the United States, and for some collegiate programs taking a semester away from the main campus is required for graduation. 

Still, living abroad doesn't come cheap. So, how are you going to get the most bang for your buck? That depends on where you choose to globetrot. ValuePenguin, a research firm, recently conducted a study to determine just that.

The team looked at the 48 most popular countries that American students choose to study, and determined the cost of nine major spending habits in each country: rent and utilities, flights, groceries, nightlife/dining out, clothes shopping, recreational, monthly transportation, mobile plans, and a student visa. Each destination was ranked on a scale from 1 to 48 for each category. A “1” represents the cheapest option whereas a “48” represents the most expensive. Check it out:

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad in

Most Expensive Countries to Study Abroad

Costliest Study Abroad Countries

Latin American countries are more affordable, with Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic rated among the most inexpensive places to study. Conversely, European countries, which draw more than 50 percent of American students, are not represented on the cheapest list at all. As a matter of fact, six of the top ten costliest countries are European: Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Denmark. You might want to start brushing up on that Spanish.