MBA Open Seminar with Dr Szamosi on 'Getting the Top to Listen!'

Getting the Top to Listen!
Building a Business Case

Tuesday, 11 September 2018 // 19.00
Hilton Hotel (Amethyst Training Room), Baku

Speaker: Dr Leslie Szamosi

Executive MBA Academic Director
The University of Sheffield International Faculty CITY College


When organizations are going through changes or need to re-evaluate and think through new concepts and ideas, many times (if not all times) we need the support of senior management to make things happen. But, it seems like they are not listening!! In this workshop, we will focus in on getting the top to listen! No matter how good our idea, no matter the area, senior management listens to the business case! We will look at various tools and techniques to build the case, to both provide the hard and soft evidence that is required in order for those above to take notice of the great ideas from below!!

Target Audience: Anyone trying to get someone (or some group) above them to ‘buy- into’ their idea. Issues to be discussed:

∙ Decision makers / Investors - confidence
∙ Management - confidence
∙ Business case developers - fit for purpose
∙ Reviewers - fit for purpose
∙ Engagement

Outcome: participants will have a clearer understanding of what decision-makers are looking for and how to target them both intellectually and emotionally with information.

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The number of places is limited.

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