Can You Earn AZN10,000 while getting education abroad?

Apparently yes… 

“Japanese economy is growing year by year, but the number of employers are shrinking. According to Tokyo based Research Company, in 2030 Japanese economy will suffer approximately 6 million deficit of employees. So I ensure you if you are hard-working and enthusiastic enough, you will be able to find really good job with high remuneration” 

Vision Academy is currently expanding its Japan related strategy. And committed to opening affordable education opportunities in the Land of the Rising Sun.  We do care about you and seeking to meet your expectations soon. No matter whether you chose to study at the partner Universities, working with Vision Academy will align you to Envision, Strive, Achieve for the waiting success.

We invite you to hear about the full story of Ramil Abdullayev on February 2, at 11 am at Vision Academy.

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