The main aim of the Barcelona Center for European Studies (from now onwards, BACES) is to create and consolidate critical mass on EU Studies at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) as well as to provide quality teaching, research and dissemination activities on issues related to EU affairs. Given the need to further expand our research activities, coupled to a desire to further increase our staff and providing a new opportunity to young researchers, BACES is officially offering:


1 pre-doctoral researcher position funded by the MINECO Spanish Ministry (FPI grant, 4 years)




Project Description

  • The candidate will join the international research team of the EPDECIDE research project (“The impact of formal and informal capacities in the legislative decision-making of the European Parliament”). EPDECIDE's primary objective is to systematically identify and evaluate the sources of influence and power that are most relevant when explaining the political results produced inside the European Parliament (EP). A second objective, related to the previous one, is to identify the main mechanisms from which the political controversies that occur in the EP are made into such political results and tangible public policies. In other words, it will analyze the main explanatory mechanisms for decision-making in the EP.        
  • To answer our research questions, the project will build two original databases not yet existing in the academic literature. The first database will focus on the decision-making process within the EP, as it will exploit the methodology previously employed in the DEU dataset (Thomson et al. 2012; Arregui and Perarnaud, 2021). For what concerns the second database, this will firstly focus on identifying the relevance of the informal capacities from internal actors of the EP. Secondly, it will also assess these informal capacities in the concrete decision-making of the European chamber. The project will exploit a methodological strategy based on both qualitative and quantitative techniques, including process identification and mechanism detection methods, decision-making models, network analysis, and multivariate analysis.


Job Description

  • The candidate will fully join the EPDECIDE research team and will actively contribute to the development of all the main project stages.      
  • He/she will be co-responsible in the realization of the fieldwork in Brussels  
  • He/she will develop their own research on the decision-making process inside the European Parliament  
  • The selected pre-doctoral researcher will develop papers aiming at publication in high-ranking journals and will be provided both training and capacities for the efficient development of their research work.        
  • The candidate will hold a pre-doctoral research contract under Pompeu Fabra University. The position is granted by an FPI Scholarship (MINECO National Ministry) and it can last up to 4 years.     
  • The candidate will also receive technical and logistical support (including an office space) in BACES’ headquarters (Mercè Rodoreda Builinding, Campus Ciutadella, UPF)



  • The candidate should show previous familiarity in Political Science/EU Studies research developed throughout his/her studies.         
  • The project requires a high degree of motivation relative to the main subject of the research  
  • Previous experience in the development of research of quantitative/qualitative nature developed in professional/academic contexts will be considered an advantage, although the candidate will also receive specific training throughout his PhD experience. As such, predisposition will also be considered relevant to the application.     
  • The candidate must hold an excellent knowledge of the English language. Additional languages (i.e., Spanish) will also be considered.             


Scientific-Technical and Training Context of the Team and the Institution


Pompeu Fabra University is a public, international and research-intensive university that consistently ranks among the top five Spanish universities. Within this context, the DCPS at UPF has increasingly become a consolidated center for EU Studies. Our institution has already advanced in this regard through the attribution of three Jean Monnet Chairs (JMCs) and a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence (BACES). The Principal Investigator of this project proposal is the leading director of one of the JMCs (EUGov Chair) and of BACES. Besides, all the international experts of the project possess strong experience as doctoral supervisors, as well as being leading experts in their research area (see the preliminary website page of the project here).


The candidate will join the PhD programme from the Department of Political and Social Sciences. Such programme has obtained several quality acknowledgements from both national (ANECA) and regional (AQU) agencies. It offers a fully internationalized training programme in English, as well as compulsory training activities in which PhD candidates can further specialize themselves for the sake of their research. Other initiatives include specific research workshops for PhD researchers, the participation into established research groups of the department, the opportunity to perform research experiences in international partner universities and even contributions to participate into international political science conferences.



How to apply


To apply for this position, all candidates should send their own CV (including a possible list of academic results/publications) and a Motivation / Cover Letter clearly justifying the interest and adequacy for the position.


Applications should be sent via e-mail to BACES (baces@upf.eduand addressed to the Head Researcher of the project (Prof. Javier Arregui) before 30/09/21.


Prospective candidates will be invited to perform an online interview to discuss their profile more in detail. This will be instrumental to the selection of a final candidate.


The contract modalities and the effective starting date for the contract will be subjected to the dispositions of the FPI scholarship by the Spanish Ministry.