Call for applications for admission to PhD Programmes and for the awarding of 45 PhD scholarships

The annual amount of the PhD scholarship is equal to Euro 16,243.00 gross of INPS social security charges as provided by law to be paid by the recipient.Scholarships are awarded for the entire duration of the PhD programme (3 years/36 months, 4 years/ 48 months) and instalments are paid on a monthly basis. The first instalment of October 2022 will be paid at the end of the same month provided that the student has submitted all the documentation required and is correctly enrolled in their PhD programme by 24 September 2022. Otherwise, a two-month instalment will be paid at the end of November.


Call for applications for admission to PhD Programmes and for the awarding of 45 PhD scholarships, academic year 2022-2023.

These PhD opportunities are in Italy 🇮🇹 

The University of Verona hereby announces a public selection for admission to its PhD programmes for the XXXVIII cycle, academic year 2022-2023, with the awarding of no. 45 PNRR PhD scholarships.

The details of each PhD programme, including the number of places and scholarships available, the criteria for the evaluation of qualifications (if provided), the dates of the admission exam sessions, the language, methods and criteria for selection are detailed on Annex 1 - PhD programmes information sheets, which constitutes an integral part of this Call. The Call for Application is published on the Official University Register (Albo Ufficiale di Ateneo) and on the following websites: Dottorati di Ricerca (available at: Admission to PhD Programmes > Call for Applications > Call for Applications, Cycle XXXVIII), Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR), Euraxess and Official Gazette (Gazzetta Ufficiale).

The XXXVIII cycle of PhD programmes will officially begin on 1st October 2022. PhD programmes last three years, with the exception of the 4-year PhD programme in Economics and Finance.

The final defence of the doctoral thesis must take place within the month of April of the solar year after the conclusion of the PhD programme. The PhD degree is conferred by the Rector, after the candidate has successfully completed the doctoral programme and passed the final examination.


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