Call for artists for the Integrations − Mediations festival

Workshops of Culture in Lublin invite artists to take part in the Integrations−Mediations festival which will be held on October 1−6, 2013 in Lublin, Poland.

Integrations−Mediations have been created as part of a long-term programme of cultural cooperation between Lublin and the Eastern Partnership countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine). Integrations−Mediations provide the space for artists from the East and West of Europe to share cultural practices and to implement joint projects.

The Integrations−Mediations festival also features artistic presentations of each of the Eastern Partnership member state’s contemporary culture, of what is new and forward-looking in these cultures, what corresponds with the transformations of the contemporary world, and – which is more – stays  ahead of these transformations.

The festival will be held in line with the Culture for the Eastern Partnership Congress ( under the East of Culture programme covering the three largest cities of the Eastern Poland (

The invitation concerns two thematic areas:

1. Connected by the Border

We search for artists and art groups who work in visual and performing arts, including site-specific art, street art and land art, performance and happening, and who use in their practices such cultural activities as workshops, meetings, presentations and so on. The subject matter for art projects can be defined as surpassing all kinds of borders, including geographical, cultural, mental, social, and administrative ones.

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2. Spaces of the Eastern Cities

We address an open invitation to participate in a street photography exhibition to both professional photographers and amateurs. We neither set age limits nor define particular parameters of photos. The objective of the exhibition is to present a group portrait of people (even if they are not literally present at the picture) in public spaces of the Eastern European cities.

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