International Course on Raising Own Effectiveness

Deadline:  ongoing
Open to: participants from around the world
Venue: 17 - 24 September, 2017 in Moscow, Russia


Do you feel you’re not being effective with the work you do? You become tired too quickly? Would you like to develop your own effectiveness? And become more successful and productive in professional and personal life? Then we invite you to join our course on Raising Own Effectiveness!

What is the course about? During the course each person will go through a series of assessments in order to understand what are the issues not allowing him/her to be effective at work or personal life. After those assessments the results will be analysed and each person will receive their individual recommendations on how they could become more effective!

The course will take place from 17 to 24 September, 2017 in Moscow, Russia! We invite people who would like to understand better their own strengths and weaknesses and raise effectiveness to join the course!

See you in Moscow!


Everybody can apply, We do not have any age or geographical limits for the applicants. Person of any age from any country is welcome to apply for the course.


The fee for the course is 490 euro. The fee includes:

  • The program of the course (including all necessary study materials)
  • The accommodation (in the comfortable training center in Moscow)
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee-breaks)
  • Transfer
  • Visa invitation (which you will need to bring to the Russian Consulate in order to apply for a visa)

Unfortunately we are not able to provide any scholarships.


In order to apply for the program – please send your CV to an
Please indicate the following information in the text of the email:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Title of the course you are applying for

Please send a copy of the email to –

The official web-page.