Training for Future Leaders in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some people spend all their lives doing jobs based on their weaknesses. At the same time if you determine correctly what your strengths are and try to build your future career based on what you do well then success may await! That is one of the basics of becoming a Future Leader.

We invite Future Leaders to come to this training. It will help them to determine their own strengths, to understand yourself better and to find out what you do the best. The training will allow each person to determine their own competitive advantages – and will also discover how to utilize your strengths.

Each person is unique. Each person has a unique set of qualities. During the training for future leaders we will analyse the personality of each person and try to determine their strengths and weaknesses. If you do a job which requires the use of your weaknesses – most probably you will never be the best in that job. However, knowing what your strengths are you can chose a job based around your strengths. You will be able to plan your future career in accordance with your strengths and not your weaknesses!

The training for Future Leaders will allow you to realize your strong points, enhance them and find the ways to base your career on youth strengths.

The training will take place in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) from 24th till 29th October, 2017.

The training is designed for Future Leaders who want to understand better what they do the best and find the right direction for their future career!