Call for Applications: University of Toronto Free Online Course



A new online course launched by a psychology professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough aims to help people manage their mental health during COVID-19.

The course, Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During Covid-19, is available free through Coursera.

The course is split into three main sections. The first deals with understanding the mechanisms behind anxiety – what it is and some strategies on how to manage it. The second looks at ways of crowding out stressors and sources of anxiety by offering tips and advice on how to mentally distract yourself. The third section focuses on the effects of isolation, with strategies on how to make it more tolerable and advice on how to stay socially connected during physical distancing.  

Joordens, who is an expert on educational technologies, notes the course has flexible deadlines so anyone can pick it up at their convenience, and it can be completed in about 10 hours.

He says one big takeaway when it comes to managing your mental health during the pandemic is for people to try to achieve a sense of accomplishment. Whether it’s learning a new skill, honing an existing one or by upgrading credentials, he says there are countless online platforms people can use.

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