"Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems (AEMS)" Summer School

Open to:

open to students from all fields with an interest in economic reform.


18 July, 2022




The AEMS Summer School presents and discusses the state of the art in alternative economic and monetary systems. There is overwhelming evidence, that the current economic model based on everlasting economic growth is destroying the ecosystem of our planet and contributing to the global climate crisis. Therefore, the summer school wants to shed light on approaches and reform proposals that can make a real difference.

AEMS offers room for critical thinking and the possibility to openly discuss and deconstruct ideas and concepts with distinguished experts from various scientific fields. Lectures, workshops and discussion panels enable the participants to acquire a deeper understanding of the intricate interactions of society, ecology and economy. The program is open to students and professionals from all fields.


The following key elements of your application will be taken into account in the selection process

  • Completed A-level
  • Motivation and commitment for participation
  • English language skills
  • Academic standing / work experience
  • International experience


The academic education does not only add to the participants‘ qualifications, it also raises awareness about how our economic and financial systems contribute to challenges such as climate change, increasing inequality or resource overuse. But most importantly, the program presents different approaches and alternative ideas for how to change our systems in a way that profits all of society.


Please apply through our online application system. For a successful procedure you are required to complete all fields and to upload the following information:

  • A scan or photo of the picture page of your passport
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A brief motivational statement of why you would like to participate in the AEMS and how you want to contribute to a sustainable development (daily routines, projects that you would like to implement, positions you want to hold or held already, etc.). Type your motivational statement directly into the application form.
  • Photo of yourself (all students will receive an info package including a photo wall with their co-students - it will be used AEMS-internally only)
  • Grade transcript of home university (to prove your student status if you're a student)

Homepage: https://www.oeadstudenthousing.at/en/summer-universities/aems/

Application: https://www.oeadstudenthousing.at/en/summer-universities/aems/application-aems/

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